Roadmap to Genocide


Hey Israel, check out my new "energy source".

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the man who has repeatedly called for and vowed to wipe Israel off the earth, will apparently have the means by which to do so within a couple of months.

RAND Corporation researcher Gregory S. Jones reported this week that at Iran’s current uranium enrichment rate they could have enough material for a bomb within eight weeks. He further reported that nothing short of military occupation could stop Iran from creating a nuclear bomb.

Jones states that the US and Israeli attempts to keep Iran out of the nuke club have failed and that we now need to consider how to move forward with a nuclear armed Iran. I certainly hope there are some Seal Team 6 type operations  in the works as we speak because I really don’t think the US and Israel have a say in how things will proceed with Iran in possession of nuclear weapons. Read the full story here:,7340,L-4078778,00.html

With Iran’s development of nuclear weapons the Middle East and Israel in particular face of whole new range of challenges. Ahmadinejad’s aspirations for the destruction of Israel are well documented. The entire world has been witness to this madman’s anti-Semitic ravings. So I guess at this point we simply sit back and wait and see if this psychopath makes good on his threats. A terrorist friendly regime such as the one currently in power in Iran armed with nuclear weapons poses the greatest threat to Israel since the Holocaust. I can’t for a moment believe that Benjamin Netanyahu and the Mossad don’t have a contingency plan designed to prevent Iran from producing a bomb at this late stage in the game. However, I have far less faith in president Obama doing anything to intervene. He has shown nothing but weakness toward Iran since he took office which is one of the reasons we find ourselves in this present situation.

It looks like despite Netanyahu’s public scolding of Obama after twice being disrespected by our arrogant amateur president, Obama will in fact have the last laugh when his inaction and lack of effective policy towards Iran’s nuclear aspirations result in Israel’s destruction.