Republican Pulls A Page From Democrats’ Playbook

Despite my “slight” leaning to the right, I’m no drone and I’m not so interested in the letter next to a politician’s name that I’m incapable of calling them as I see them. In the case of Republican congressman Steve Chabot of Ohio’s 1st district, what I see is an alarming instance of censorship.

On Monday congressman Chabot was speaking at a town hall meeting in Cincinnati where police confiscated at least one camera and one cell phone from constituents in attendance. The reason for the frighteningly un-American incident was “security of the constituents”. Despite the congressman’s hyper-sensitivity to the security of his constituents at least two news cameras continued to roll and even filmed the officer confronting the two security risks in question.

Say whatever you like about cameras not being allowed at concerts, movie theaters, etc. but this is an elected public servant and as long as no one is pointing cameras in the windows of his home his actions are as fair game to be recorded as anyone else, actually, more so.

It’s clear the congressman wanted to control the media at this event. More alarming than a politician wanting to control the media, in this particular event congressman Chabot apparently thought he could control the media. In one of the two videos of the incident TV cameras are seen facing 180 degrees from the stage on which the congressman was speaking in order to capture the iron fist of justice dropping on unwitting could-be terrorists. Clearly the security of the constituents was not a priority for the “media”.

I’ve got to say that my blood pressure rose a couple of points when the Obama administration declared war on and ultimately blackballed FOX News. It rose a couple more points when I heard about Republican lawmakers being literally locked out of “secret” sessions over Obamacare. But in all honesty, this type of activity is a heartbeat away from being the modern Democrat’s S.O.P. When I see this kind of tyrannical behavior coming from a so-called Republican I’m enraged.

I can’t recall ever hearing of congressman Chabot before this incident so I can’t comment on his performance up to now. However, as an American I can say I don’t care if congressman Chabot reduced taxes in his state by 15% while increasing state government efficiency by 100%, increased the average student GPA by a letter and a half, abolished billions in job killing regulation and drove a freight train full of illegals back to Mexico; this man needs to be unemployed before his Gestapo-style tactics further damage the image of conservative Americans. It’s “small” infringements like this that have gradually eroded the words and intentions of the founding fathers to the current state in which nearly every single word and punctuation mark is considered open to interpretation.  

 It should be clear to all in congress by now that at least a couple of us have read our founding documents, understand our rights and are completely out of time for elitist, condescending, borderline tyrannical politicians. Do the right thing district 1 Ohio, dump your baggage.

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  1. You’re not a drone; you’re a little sheep.

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