Winds of “Change” Targeting Our Kids

Obama sets his sights on public schools as a new source for the holy grail that is increased federal revenue.

In yet another sign of Obama’s idea of stimulating “change” a Utah high school has been fined $15,000 by the federal government. Davis High School in Salt Lake City has been found guilty of a simple mistake that is likely happening all over the nation. Davis high, in compliance new federal babysitting laws, was careful to turn off the school’s lunchroom vending machines for each day’s lunch period but had been forgetting to turn off machines in the school’s book store.

I should apologize at this point for not opening with a cautionary disclaimer as I’m sure I’ve just offended most of you with images of high school students having soda readily available during lunch. But it gets worse…

As a result Davis High is being charged 75 cents per student for the duration of the offense. In an interview with Salt Lake City’s KUTV, Davis High Principal Dee Burton said all told, the massive $15,000 fine will more than consume all of the profits the school has earned on vending sales this year that would otherwise have funded their arts program.

Burton goes on to describe some of the inconsistencies in the federal program whereby students may drink soda and eat whatever in the cafeteria as long as it’s not purchased on school grounds during lunch period. Under the federal law schools may sell Snickers bars and ice cream due to their “nutritional value” and sugar filled sports drinks are still ok but not gum or licorice.

Among the many “unintended consequences” of this heavy handed federal imposition is the concern for the safety of mobs of students who are leaving campus in order to eat what they want before rushing back to school rather than going to the cafeteria for healthier choices as was the stated intent of the law. In addition, Burton says those valuable arts program funds generated by vending sales are falling fast.

Why must we beat ourselves to death with this utter idiocy over and over? The federal government is an absolute curse to nearly everything it touches. Based on their track record of success within the DoE alone this restriction is statistically more likely to increase childhood obesity than reduce it. The reason is simply because government feels the need to touch far more than was ever intended. From nearly destroyed Eco-systems due to environmental protections on non-native species to defunding educational programs  in an attempt to control what children eat, we’re always given some “aww shucks, we didn’t think that was going to happen” crap but I’m no longer buying. When you seek to create a one size fits all mandate on millions of FREE people you had better think long and hard about it and consider ALL potentially harmful side effects. Failure to do so says a great deal about you and your respect for your fellow Americans and their freedom. I think that we the people, the same people who sustain those who burden us with such useless nonsense, should expect our representatives to make a public apology and explain how we’ve come to such miserable, counterproductive consequences so quickly after passing this law. How else can we expect good laws until the ability to say, “It was a good law until the other guy messed with it” is taken from these clowns and someone is forced to admit a mistake?

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