Answer Me This America

...of the people, by the people, for the people...

...of the people, by the people, for the people...

When your elected officials look you right in the face and essentially say, “I will not uphold my Constitutional responsibility to protect you from a foreign invader” are you getting what you expected?

When the federal government directly arms the cartels responsible for unprecedented slaughter in Mexico and on our southern border while tying the hands of local and state authorities who are trying to do the job the fed refuses to do, do you feel safer?

When our president addresses an assembly of Latino Americans and attempts to draw similarities between them and himself, siding with them against “law and order” Americans who he refers to as “our enemies”, do you feel tolerant?

When you live in a nation unlike any on Earth where liberty and personal freedoms surpass those of any past “free” society; the very existence of which is responsible for two centuries of unprecedented advancements for humanity, do you stand idly by and watch it squandered?

America is currently being attacked by both foreign and domestic enemies, working together to “fundamentally change” a nation whose unique brand of freedom has changed the world. The foreign enemy is disgruntled over what they’ve allowed to happen in their own country. Rather than attempting to fix the mess they’ve made at home, they chose to come here and hope they’re dead before they do the same thing here that they did there. The domestic enemy resents the implications of the “American experiment” in that we’ve proven that free men can work together and affect the prosperity of all mankind WITHOUT an imposing, elitist, god-like figure controlling their every move.

The founders didn’t go into specifics as to why all Americans should have the right to bear arms and what our course of action should be in the face of tyranny because they thought an oppressive regime might follow founding principal thereby defeating itself. They said what they said so as to ensure we’d not forget how to defend our Republic nor from where the attacks against it might come.

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  1. Do you have a video, or audio of the speech he gave saying he would not seek re-eletction if things remained the same. I would really like to be able to cite a reference when I repeat that.
    Thank You
    David W. Burgess, USN Ret.

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