Obama On Jobs: “We Know What To Do…”

"I know the Republicans want to drive but trust me, I've got it."

In a move that really should surprise no one, Obama announced yesterday in Iowa that he knows how to create jobs in America despite the fact that he’s done nothing but fail in that arena up to now. Unfortunately in typical Obama fashion, the president told Iowa and the nation we’d all have to wait until September to see his latest plan to create these jobs.

You know, this is so incredibly painful to watch as to almost turn me off to politics completely. The president, along with so many confused Americans clearly thinks that it is government’s job to actually create jobs. The fact that our current president is so confused as to the role of government in the lives of Americans will guarantee that the president’s “job plan” will be more of the same failed policies that have helped to lead us to our current economic state.

We can expect the president to ask for increased taxes on the rich, more “stimulus” money (let’s just hope all those “shovel ready jobs” are in fact shovel ready this time around) and a focus on short-term construction projects that he hopes this time will give enough of a boost to short-term unemployment rates as to carry him through the ’12 elections on a better footing than he currently has. Though I expect the president to intentionally lighten up a minimal amount of federal regulation just so he can say he’s done so, Obama’s 30 year record of increased regulation considered by most to be the main factor impeding job creation will be largely ignored.

Obama has become “exhibit 1” when it comes to tenacity in the face of incessant and utter failure. With 3 of the past four biggest economic downturns in American history rebounding into 3 of the greatest periods of growth in America following massive tax cuts, one might think Obama would be willing to ask the question; “What did Coolidge do in the ‘20s?”, “What did Kennedy do in the ‘60s?”, or “What did Reagan do in the ‘80s?”. As to the fourth and worst of the past four economic downturns in America, The Great Depression, many financial experts chose to ignore the fact that the US recovery came about 10 years after the rest of the world however, many other financial experts and I find it hard to ignore the unique effects of a unique course of action.

Obama simply does not understand that the federal government was intended to function in the background to ensure our Constitutional rights are protected. Government was never intended to be a prominent influence in the everyday life of American citizens. That’s what makes our system different. It’s clear Obama’s brand of “change” is really just changing back.

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