Rage Against The Deceptive Media Machine

burning effigy

I can’t believe what I’ve just read. I was minding my own business, wrapping up the weekend and grabbing some quick headlines before bed. NOW, I’m mad as hell and will MOST DEFINITELY NOT get enough sleep tonight as I MUST at least attempt to right some blatant wrongs at the New York Times.

Yeah, yeah I hear what you’re saying, “But IGetItAlready, why would you even bother with some low rent drivel printed in the New York Times”. And in most cases you’d have a great point and I would be going to bed right now. However, I am utterly sick to death of our so-called media being so astoundingly strident in their efforts to influence our laws, our policies both foreign and domestic and our very political processes, so much so that I can’t let this shit slide! FFS do NONE of these “journalists”, “reporters” and lobotomized talking heads have the first clue as to the founders’ vision of the role an HONEST, UNBIASED and TOTALLY UNINVESTED media should play in our free republic?!

What’s that punk? You didn’t go into the “news biz” to play some role envisioned for you by a bunch of dead guys some 237 years ago? Fair enough wise ass but have you bothered to consider for a moment that perhaps YOU’RE NOT EVEN HALF CAPABLE OF RUNNING A GLOBAL SUPERPOWER ON NOTHING MORE THAN YOUR OWN OPINIONS AND WHIMS?!!! Not to mention snot nose, that THIS particular superpower is what it is today ONLY because of our unique form of government and founding documents. None of which make ANY mention of dirt bags like you being required, expected or even allowed to manipulate or influence ANYTHING!!! So spare us all your, “I’m going to make a difference and change the world” bullshit. If that’s what you’re about go to med school and cure a disease or something. Whatever you do, please keep your predictable opinions in the same dark closet in which your fear of a well-informed public lurks.

Alright…I’m back. The article in question was written by some quack named Nelson D. Schwartz and was printed in May 5th’s New York Times. The article is entitled, Immigrants Are Transforming a New York Town and the town in question is Port Chester, NY.

Aside from some ridiculously amateur or perhaps moronic editing errors(do as opposed to due, are you kidding or are you in fact a kid?), this “piece”o.s. is a joke that fails to ever become funny. In paragraph 3 Mr. Schwartz starts hitting us with the liberal’s best friend; the one in a million, you’re more likely to be attacked by a grizzly bear, a school of piranhas and a Yeti all on the same day than ever meeting one in real life kind of case. You know what I’m talking about. It’s like the way in which liberals want to hang rationalization for industrialized murder, the end effect of which we’re JUST BARELY having reported to us in the trial of Kermit Gosnell, on the minute minority of abortions that occur as a result of rape or incest. Or the way they like to associate legal gun owners and those who value ALL of our constitutional rights with these crazed, social rejects who rather than doing humanity a favor and simply offing themselves, opt to shoot as many other people as possible on their way out. Or the way in which they fight tooth and nail against any measure meant to ensure the integrity of our electoral process, claiming that there are some Americans who are for some reason incapable of acquiring ID…even after several of the states in question offer to make IDs available at voting stations and in the case of SC, even an offer of free public transportation to anyone needing a ride to go get an ID. In this particular case the minority in question is some illegal immigrant who after invading our sovereign nation opened his own business.

Apparently Mr. Schwartz believes we should all be astonished by the fact that some guy who broke our laws in coming here, rather than living off the system, took full advantage of all that America offers her citizens…not to mention apparently ANYONE who can scale an unwatched fence or walk across an invisible line, and made something of himself; As if ANYONE is so stupid as to think this has NEVER happened to any of the  likely 30 to 40 million or more illegals currently here. (Source: Look it up yourself but I assure you 30 to 40 million were the numbers being batted around when Bush tried his hand at amnesty. It would seem that immediately after Obama was elected, somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 to 80% of our “uninvited guests” decided to leave…Yeah right, and I’ll take a side of beachfront property in Colorado with that load of horseshit please…thanks) Where are all the stories on all the LEGAL Americans who have been robbed of their very lives by drunk drivers and gang bangers who aren’t even supposed to be here? Oh yeah I forgot, those are the kinds of stories which get “bumped” to make room for a last minute adorable cat video or literally ANYONE who wants to announce their sexual orientation to the world…just so long as their sexual orientation is anything but straight.

Schwartz goes on to say he’s withholding this guy’s last name due to the risk of the guy being deported…As if. The guy owns two restaurants and Mr. Schwartz already sells him out if anyone truly cared about “deporting him” (idiot!!!) when he writes that this man will soon be opening a 3rd restaurant and that “his food has a following on Yelp. com. This guy could NEVER be deported by THIS administration. FFS under Obam-nasty (yeah, that’s mine…you can use it if you want) we’re giving a pass to people with up to three misdemeanors. Now how are things going to look for the great Americanizer if this guy gets sent packing while we’re rolling out the welcome mat to others with a historical tendency to assault people? Gimme a break Schwartz!

Later in the article Lawrence F. Katz, a liberal professor of economics at Harvard is quoted as saying in response to his own belief that we need a freer flow of people from other nations in order to foster growth, “No doubt some individuals are harmed but the benefits outweigh the costs.” Now just chew on that for a moment. This jackass sees LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS as acceptable losses in this blatantly obvious battle to import millions of foreign voters. Good lookin’ out buddy. Each and every American citizen is fortunate and should be proud to call you a “fellow American”.

Next Schwartz writes of a LEGAL immigrant from Guatemala who is a CPA in Port Chester and who admits to serving a clientele of both legal and illegal immigrants. Right out of the gate I’ve got to call bullshit OR this Guatemalan is a piece of shit. How many LEGAL immigrants do you suppose jumped through all the hoops, filled out all the forms and coughed up all the cash to become Americans only to turn around and aid an illegal invasion of their new home? Whatever the number, it is EXACTLY the same number of domestic threats that need to be shot for treason and disposed of.  Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that this little Latin paradise is currently 59% Hispanic? No mention of the breakdown between legal and illegals but I think the sudden surge in Hispanic immigrants to the town since 1990 kind of says it all. It’s gotten so bad in Port Chester that local businesses are being forced to hire Spanish speakers in order to serve “their community”.  And why wouldn’t this place attract illegals like flies to vomit? What with treasonous filth like this CPA willing to cater to the criminals and local businesses willing to participate in prejudicial hiring practices as opposed to helping our new friends assimilate. At any rate, this CPA states that he’s beginning to “get more business owners asking for help with accounting and taxes. REALLY? You mean these people have been paying attention to the handout they’re being offered and understand that one of the stipulations will be to pay some form of back taxes? Do you think the fact that having already forked over at least SOME money to “el Tio Sam” when it’s time to come clean would presumably play well for them is ANY motivation for this sudden fit of tax consciousness? Simple cause and effect…stunning isn’t it.

Perhaps the most amazing fragmented thought in this propaganda piece is when he throws us a token non-Hispanic business owner who celebrates the fact that he can fill any opening within minutes while paying minimum wage…yeah liberals, these points are being billed by Schwartz as further BENEFITS of this sanctioned foreign invasion. I don’t know about you but this guy sounds like one of those demonic “one percenters”, sticking it to the little guy and laughing all the way to the bank. At the very least, he’s clearly a racist fat cat who refuses to “pay his fair share”…wouldn’t you agree? (Man I LOVE watching shit run full circle) 😉

Schwartz FINALLY attempts to scrape the surface of reality when he mentions that “some economists” believe that “increased immigration can reduce wages SLIGHTLY for SOME native-born workers…”. He also mentions that in this town of 29,000, ten percent of the population lives below the poverty line which has put “a strain” on local social services. He goes on to mention the fact that area schools are overcrowded due to “children of immigrants flooding the education system”. “Flooding” mind you. Of course Mr. Schwartz stops at “overcrowding”, careful not to mention any of the direct effects overcrowded schools have on the children who have every right to be here and whose parents are paying the bills expecting that their children will receive a quality education in return. Nope, let’s just paint a harmless image of some teacher being forced to fetch a couple of extra chairs for these new kids who talk funny. He also mentions the fact that longtime residents are bitching about homes being occupied by “many more residents than zoning laws permit”. (Is breaking a zoning law a misdemeanor? Just wondering…) But as in Obama’s America in general, it’s pretty clear that “longtime residents” of Port Chester have been reduced to second class citizens as we attempt to alter the political complexion of America via criminals who want nothing to do with BEING American.

Of course our old friend Schwartzie quickly turns and runs from his feigned attempt at full disclosure by unilaterally declaring, “at street level, the economic impact of the immigrant wave has largely been positive”. Perhaps that’s because Mr. Schwartz’s definition of “street level” fails to take into account ANY of the economic effects created by the few cons to this illegal invasion that HE JUST MENTIONED!

The bottom line is this article should never have been written and Mr. Schwartz and so many others like him are in fact “playing their roles”. But they are roles they’ve created for themselves out of  their over inflated sense of self importance. And if you hadn’t noticed, these self imposed roles have absolutely NOTHING to do with “journalism” or disseminating FACTS to the public they were intended to SERVE.

I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating; The next American Revolution will begin with the dead, rotting corpse of our collective media being tossed into the streets.

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