Obama goes Herlihy Boy On Jobs Speech

"For the love of God, pass the bill!"

Well despite my claims that I would be doing ANYTHING but watching the president’s big, secret jobs speech last night, I did watch. I had to. I was so sure I KNEW what we’d hear in the president’s long awaited speech that I had to see if I were right. Of course I and all those who expected more of the same from our one trick pony president were accurate in our assumptions however, I could have never guessed the laughable angle the president would be taking to make his tired drivel sound new.

Perhaps it’s my ultra-vivid imagination but after the eighth or tenth instance of hearing the president plead with lawmakers to “pass the bill now”, I half expected Biden to jump up and say, “What’s wrong with you people? For the love of all things holy, pass the boy’s bill now!” For anyone unfamiliar with the reference I’ve posted a link to the original. Watch it and you make the call.


Actually, had Biden and Obama done a Farley/Sandler routine it may have played well for the president as it would have been the only new and unexpected aspect of Obama’s typical “Obaminizing”. As was expected by most, Obama’s big plan to FINALLY create jobs and stimulate the economy is in fact Obama’s old plan to create jobs and stimulate the economy. Thirty-three minutes of road construction, calls for the wealthy to “pay their fair share” (which is apparently some unknown percentage of income as opposed to a shared personal responsibility to pay for basic, essential government services), and downplaying the crippling economic effects of the staggering level of new federal regulations enacted to pacify big donors and special interests. For all the pomp and glitz surrounding this jobs plan, it turned out to be as big a waste of time. Broad, generic suggestions largely centered on short-term construction jobs that will eventually end leaving the beneficiaries in the same position they’re in now. The only difference will be that the national debt will likely be pushing $20 trillion the next time the US has to borrow or “create” money to extend their unemployment benefits.

This “big f-ing deal” as Uncle Joe might put it, was a campaign speech detailing the predictable course of things to come and laying the groundwork to make that course possible. Who wouldn’t expect Obama to campaign on his index finger; pointing it at everyone but himself that is?

Obama has absolutely nothing in the way of success to tout going into this campaign; no, not even the killing of Bin Laden. That came about as a result of intelligence gathering going back to the Bush administration. All Obama had to do with anything was making the decision to go or not to go once presented with the intelligence. In my opinion, this executive decision was as much a no brainer as getting up and getting dressed. With this record of failure, the same kind of record Obama promised would lead to him NOT seeking a second term, all the man can do is what he’s always done, play the blame game.

In that respect, this speech is being considered a success by the Whitehouse today. Clearly, they’re sure the American people are still so stupid as to see Obama’s opponents as the villains for refusing to go even further on a proven failed path. This is in fact the platform of Obama’s campaign which started on the “black bus from hell” tour and continued last night. More disingenuous claims of Republicans being “the party of no”, more repulsive claims of domestic terrorism toward the Tea Party, and more insulting statements like, “Well, things could be worse”.

Some have questioned the intelligence of Texas governor Rick Perry in the media recently. It’s funny those kinds of claims can so quickly be made of a governor few knew much about until a few weeks ago. Yet, in the case of a man whose claims over the past two and a half years have so often assumed the ignorance of his audience they see utter genius.  

Solyndra: Obama’s Standard For the Future

"Sounds good to me. It's not my money anyway."

 The Fremont, CA solar cell manufacturer made famous by a visit and endorsement from the president in 2010 announced last week that they were broke. Solyndra has announced they are ceasing operations and that their 1,100 employees would be laid off immediately.

Solyndra gained national attention in 2010 when it became the first so-called green company to receive a federal loan guarantee via the stimulus. Shortly after winning the loan, Solyndra was blessed with a visit from the president during which Obama presented Solyndra as evidence of the administration’s commitment to green energy not to mention job creation. The Department of Energy claimed the massive $535 billion loan would create 3,000 construction jobs for as long as it took to build the facility after which there would be 1,000 permanent jobs created by Solyndra.

The Office of Management and Budget had strong misgivings in offering the loan to Solyndra. The OMB as well as Solyndra’s auditors voiced concerns over the company’s ability to compete globally a mere two months prior to the president visiting the company. Despite clear indications that Solyndra was a bad investment, the administration pushed to have the loan approved. A short time after securing the loan, Solyndra cancelled its scheduled public offering of company stock and announced the closing of its old facility. Despite the writing on the wall, the DOE was so sure of Solyndra’s future success that they restructured the loan this past March.

All of this got the attention of congressional lawmakers as well as the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Cliff Sterns (R-FL) started an investigation months ago that has turned up some interesting facts. Congressman Sterns and the committee investigating the treasury’s backing of the Solyndra loan were forced to submit a subpoena on July 14th after months of their requests for information being ignored.

Though the administration has obstructed the committee’s investigation since the beginning, it has been made clear that the DOE and the OMB were aware of the Whitehouse’s interest in securing the Solyndra loan. It’s also been revealed that there were several communications between the Whitehouse and the DOE and OMB during the course of their review of Solyndra and that the Whitehouse monitored the entire process. In addition, and possibly tying everything together, it’s been found that a major campaign donor and donation bundler from Obama’s 2008 campaign, George Kaiser,  is one of Solyndra’s major investors.

Today, it’s being reported that the FBI has raided Solyndra’s Fremont offices. I’ve already heard one pundit claim he believes this is an attempt to secure documentation to be used against Solyndra in a lawsuit which will attempt to get the people’s half a billion back. However, if this is the case the whole thing is for show as the HECC’s investigation has also uncovered that the government agreed to have subsequent private investors in Solyndra paid back before the government can hope to see anything.

It’s also being reported today that the administration is set to guarantee another $425 billion in loans to two new solar companies.

Even if you support so-called stimulus money being spent on so-called green jobs, wouldn’t it be better to have the recipients fully vetted and only those most likely to succeed be granted the loans? Once again, Obama has used our money to line the pockets of his political allies as opposed to helping those who contributed the money.

The announcement of more federally backed loans for solar companies is likely nothing more than a smoke screen intended to take the focus off the irregularities surrounding the Solyndra loan. In essence, the president is willing to waste another half billion in an after-the-fact attempt to appear objective and truly dedicated to green industry, as opposed to simply picking whose going to get our money.

Obama’s Economic Policy: Shovels Needed

President Obama and two goons on his “Jobs Council” board got one hell of a laugh out of the president’s, “Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected” comment on Monday. You can watch the big yukyuk here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy8jlsAdN-k though I must warn that overexposure to this bit of video may result in unbridled rage.

It’s interesting to me that Obama didn’t simply reference his comments from his Oct 2010 interview with The New York Times in which he admitted, “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects when it comes to public works.” The president’s 2010 admission came after months of campaigning to raise support for his stimulus plan during which so-called shovel-ready jobs in the public sector were billed as the lifeline that would save the economy. The 2010 admission also made it clear that Obama’s promises of jobs resulting from his massive stimulus plan were nothing more than empty claims designed to garner support for the bill. If this were not the case one might think he would have looked into the existence of said jobs before promising them to America’s unemployed.  

Obama made no mention of his 2010 admission this past Monday. Instead, he’s right back to at least implying that shovel-ready public sector jobs are a reality and that the administration made a mere miscalculation in the readiness of the projects. As the video shows it was absolutely hilarious.

It’s becoming quite clear that Obama is simply not concerned with the US economy. Time and time again Obama has shown that he’s only concerned with the economy in as much as he needs to keep up appearances in order to keep the politically ignorant behind him. Many claim that Obama simply doesn’t know how to tackle the nation’s economic issues. I can’t give Obama that benefit of the doubt as I’m a “big picture” type of person.

In looking at the “big picture” here it may be worth mentioning that no one in their right mind expects the president to understand all the inner workings of every aspect of governing the nation. As ridiculously complicated as we’ve allowed our system to become, that individual will never exist. What America does expect is a leader who will appoint experienced, competent council chairs who will use their expertise to brief and advise the president. So far in the economic column Obama has all zeros.

Just Monday Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers chairman Austan Goolsbee announced he would be following in his predecessor’s footsteps and leave his position to return to teaching. Goolsbee’s announcement was just the latest of this administration’s economic advisors to resign. Now either these advisors and in most cases lifelong friends of Obama, disagree with the direction Obama’s economic policies are taking us or they simply reach a point at which they accept the fact that their teaching careers have not prepared them for their appointment. Either way the failure is Obama’s. Rather than handing out appointments to those who helped him get elected he should be focusing on the job he was elected to do. He should be seeking BUSINESS experienced, dedicated individuals to focus on the major economic issues that affect the stability of the nation. At this point I think it’s safe to say he should be looking for some new school of thought in this area as the current approach is not working. Instead, we’re almost guaranteed more of the same with economic academics who have never had to meet a payroll or have any relevent economic experience. As always, our president is concerning himself with political paybacks and his enormously expensive agenda.

Another part of “the big picture” is Obama’s actions before, during and after the passing of his stimulus plan. Leading up to the vote Obama attempted to openly purchase support for the stimulus with sweetheart deals for congressional fence sitters. This whole thing was astounding to me as I felt as if I were witnessing a felony being committed and no one cared. Obama also attempted to scare the country into supporting his plan claiming on the day of the vote that if the package were not passed that day the world would see an economic apocalypse by the following week. Well fortunately we averted total collapse by passing the bill with NO republican support. However, who can forget the odd behavior of our president as immediately following the vote he took off for a three-day weekend without even sticking around long enough to sign the legislation. Was Obama testing the financial gods or did he know we actually had a few more days until economic armageddon? Or, was it a big lie he used to help finance his agenda?

And while we’re on the subject, what about ZERO bipartisan support on Obama’s stimulus? It’s not unlike most jobs and economic policy legislation we’ve seen kicked around the halls of congress the past couple of years. Democrats are taking advantage of their radically leftist president and their Senate majority to ensure all their utopian Euro-socialist policies are adopted. This leaves us in a situation where basically only one angel of attack has been explored in tackling the economy. Despite this fact and after two and a half years, the president and congressional Democrats seem unwilling to admit their failure and entertain the possibility of another course of action. One in which out of control federal spending is leashed and drastically reduced accompanied with growth stimulating tax reductions.

In examining “the big picture” you must also consider where all of Obama’s stimulus spending is actually going. Unfortunately as is the case with so many things created in Washington, I doubt there’s a man or woman alive who can account for all of the federal spending tied to economic stimulation. However, a quick search of stimulus spending returns enough results to explain why there were no jobs created. Quite simply, job creation was not the intent.

There was the $6 billion slated to the “green” conversion of federal buildings. Another $2 billion for an Illinois power plant that the Department of Energy had defunded the previous year stating that the near-zero emissions coal plant was inefficient. There was another billion dumped into the 2010 census which was already projected to come in at $3 billion over budget. There were stimulus dollars for swine odor research in Iowa, a tunnel under a Florida highway for turtle and gator crossing and studies on the methane emissions of dairy cows. Bill Gates and Microsoft received $11 million to build a bridge linking two sections of their Seattle campus. Hollywood movie producers received nearly $250 million in tax breaks to buy film. We paid for a Wake Forrest University Baptist Medical Center study called “Monkeys getting high for science”, as well as a study on the labor distributions within ant colonies. There was stimulus money for signs making motorists aware that the construction they’re driving through was paid for by the stimulus as well as new mile markers to replace metric markers that had been installed in anticipation of a national conversion to the metric system that never happened. We paid for new windows in a Mount St. Helen’s welcome center that has been empty for years and for which no plans have been made to reopen. There was $6.5 million given to a debris removal contractor that was at the time the focus of three federal probes for “questionable billing” practices as well as another $1.2 million to research marketing video games to the elderly. There was the $7.3 million that went to two San Antonio fire stations for which the city had the money and had even hired a contractor prior to the stimulus. After the stimulus the project was significantly delayed resulting in layoffs with the contractor hired before the stimulus and increasing the cost of the project by over $2 million.

The list literally goes on and on with nothing in sight that one might consider stimulating to the economy or conducive to job creation. Honestly when one looks at where Obama’s stimulus was spent, how it was spent and when it was spent, it’s hard to find one stimulus recipient that could have possibly brought about the end of the financial world as we know it had they not received their Obama-bucks. It’s even harder to find a recipient that made any positive effect to the economy with their free money.

If you look at Obama’s economic apathy as he jets down to Puerto Rico to stage a show for Puerto Rican American voters and jokes about his broken promises, it’s clear this man couldn’t care less what the American economy does as long as he remains in a position to continue spending us into economic collapse. All this while bringing us ever closer to that utopian “global level playing field” which is in fact Obama’s agenda.