America Is OFFICIALLY Out of Crisis Mode!

Well, did I call this one or what?

Though not as highly publicized as previous Obama administration crises, in keeping with the whole Obama theme we were again threatened with government shutdown. If you listened closely, and you had to listen really close as apparently even Obama’s media is tiring of the whole “we’re all gonna die unless you give me your money” thing; you may have even heard a few of the same old disingenuous threats of SSI and military pay being interrupted. What we ended up with was another “kick it down the road” measure. Wow, whowoulddathunk?

For the most part I think the administration and their pets in the press have determined that we have crossed over the point at which manufactured doomsday scenarios cease to be effective means by which to create support amongst the people to hand over more of their money.

We’ve entered the “convince the people things are better than they seem and far better than they would have been” stretch of the campaign. A campaign that promises to be as ugly as any we’ve seen.

With one administration black eye after another popping up almost daily from Solyndra to Fast and Furious to virtually everything that comes out of Biden’s mouth and NOTHING in the way substantive, accomplishments on which to run; Obushdidit will once again rear his ugly head. He’ll act like the intellectual child he is and blame everyone else. Congress, Bush, the wealthy and the racists who value our sovereignty will all be demonized. Everyone but the leader of the free world will be expected to accept their “fair share” of the blame. All the while he’ll promise what he hopes is still an ignorant, racist base that if they only give him four more years and support his raping of the US economy of a few trillion more that THIS TIME he’ll really give the money to them.

Has this hack even commented recently on his promise of a couple of years ago that he’d not seek a second term if things were as they currently are after 3 years?

At any rate, this was a pretty easy call as Obama has become a pretty easy and monotonous read.

UPDATE: Developments on “Summer Long Weiner Roast”

America is invited to diversionary roast.

Well that was quick.
As I forecast only a couple of days ago here: , congressional Democrats are now lining up to get their name on the sacrifice Weiner petition. Of course there have been several additional and more reprehensible developments over the past couple of days but it’s interesting that lying to the nation didn’t matter. Embarrassing the party does. Some things are too easy to call.

Fear not weiner lovers, as I stated in my initial report this weiner ride promises to be with us for at least the remainder of the summer. I just heard a Democratic pundit claim that once congressional Democrats realize that “Weiner gate” is taking attention away from addressing economic issues they will suddenly wake up and demand he step down so that they can get back to work.
In a word Mr. Pundit, WRONG.

There will undoubtedly be some sincere Democrats who are truly interested in getting back to serving their constituents. However, just as Weiner will continue to use his seat to avoid confronting his issues, many like Pelosi will seek to use Weiner gate as a diversion away from their failure.