Democrats To Repeal Obamacare?



I just read an article posted on entitled “Obamacare Will Be Repealed Well In Advance Of The 2014 Elections” . The article basically lays out what Forbes contributor Steven Hayward sees as a virtually inevitable shift by congressional Democrats toward repeal of the ACA as next year’s elections approach.

While I disagree with some of Mr. Hayward’s projections and did so in a post to the story’s message board which I’ve pasted below, it is an interesting article and definitely worth checking out.

Would love to hear any and all political theorizing as to how Obamacare and its dismal roll out play for the DNC and the GOP next year and beyond.

My Response:

Interesting article, I only WISH I could be so…optimistic*.

I will take issue with that statement that it’s a “wonder” “that Obama’s political team didn’t see this coming and prepare a preemptive strategy for dealing with…”.

The illusion is broken already.

This administration NEVER seems to foresee or prepare strategies for “dealing with” their seemingly incessant stream of inexplicable actions, to such a degree as to absolutely ASTOUND!

Taken with all the other ways in which this administration has played Obama’s race, this “failure” on the part of the administration to “politic” is most likely just another example of these lazy, slacking groupies and our rock star in chief’s arrogant assurance that mindlessly crying “RACIST” in an attempt to marginalize all who question, blaming Bush and the GOP and when all else fails pleading ignorance would be enough to coast through TWO full terms.

While I’m encouraged that some of us are FINALLY getting it, it’s a scathing indictment against We the People that he was allowed to lean on that useless nonsense for as long as he has. The Civil War is over folks, over 600,000 died, that’s enough punishment for any nation. If you’re suffering from white guilt or a scorching case of racial antipathy or even what intellectual titans like Maxine Waters refer to as “reverse racism”(wtf?), go see a shrink but American presidents do not now nor have they EVER been granted “racial immunity”…to anything, let alone EVERYTHING.

*I could certainly see Obama going the veto route in an attempt to offer Democrats a weak-ass lean-to of a shelter next year but I simply can’t see enough congressional Democrats getting behind repeal for it to ever get to a Senate vote.

Harry Reid is on record from about two and a half months ago stating the ACA should be considered a “stepping stone” to Socialized medicine. This is the same guy if you’ll recall who has literally furnished his entire office with bills he refuses to bring up for a vote. Mostly GOP bills but I think there are a couple of Obama’s budget proposals in Reid’s “stacks of the forgotten” as well.  😉

Obama is also on record supporting and vowing to push to establish Socialized medicine in America going back to AT LEAST 2003. In addition, there have been dozens of “lesser” progressive domestic threats disparaging America for our refusal to embrace Socialized medicine. So, in the words of VP Biden, “this is a big f_ing deal”. Such a big deal, having caused so many congressional Democrats to risk SO much that they have backed themselves into a corner from which the only way out is the shredding of their own credibility and the possible implosion of their political careers or sticking to their guns…and the possible implosion of their political careers.

Regardless, I don’t see Democrats en mass doing an about-face on Obama’s “signature piece of legislation”. What, and risk the precious legacy of our “first black president”?

Not a chance.

Democrats Plan Summer Long Weiner Roast


America is invited to diversionary roast.

The past few days of watching “Weiner Gate” unfold has been like watching evolution in action. Whatever your opinions of Congressman Weiner’s guilt or innocence, the speed with which this entire event has transpired and especially with which the truth has been revealed has been stunning. Honestly, I expected the controversy over this issue would continue for weeks as the press strives to report anything that diverts attention from the dismal state of Obama’s economy. I suppose Congressman Weiner himself set some limits on how long his charade could go on when he started claiming he had been hacked. No doubt his admission was discouraging to many who had already planned on milking “riveting” material from this story for the next two months. Fear not reality deflectors, Nancy Pelosi promises to deliver.

In an uncharacteristically ethically conscious move, Pelosi and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Steve Israel have called for an Ethics Committee probe to determine if any official resources were used or if Weiner has violated any other House Ethics rules. See the full story here:

It was only a day ago on this million mph ride that top Democrats were stating that this entire issue was one between Weiner and his wife, effectively brushing off Weiner’s claims that a crime had been committed in that he had been hacked. But in a political move that likely surprised even some Democrats, Nancy Pelosi calls for an ethics investigation that we’ll all have the joy of being beaten to death with in the news for the next few months. Nans is no amateur. She knows as well as anyone that public focus needs to be shifted away from the economy and the current administration’s failures in order to give Democrats a chance in 2012. What better diversion than one that actually shines a positive, ethical light on a party with little in the positive column? This is classic Pelosi shrewd politicizing with a new, rational appearance.

I don’t buy into the claims that Pelosi has been “pressured” into calling for an investigation into Weiner’s actions. The fact is, not a single Democrat representative has called for Weiner to step down. This investigation is purely tactical in that it will create a distraction from the economy as well as serve as a feather in the cap of many Democrats in desperate need of anything to tout about going into the next election.

Headline hounds, your summer politics have been planned for you. It promises to be the longest Weiner roast in American history.