Obama goes Herlihy Boy On Jobs Speech

"For the love of God, pass the bill!"

Well despite my claims that I would be doing ANYTHING but watching the president’s big, secret jobs speech last night, I did watch. I had to. I was so sure I KNEW what we’d hear in the president’s long awaited speech that I had to see if I were right. Of course I and all those who expected more of the same from our one trick pony president were accurate in our assumptions however, I could have never guessed the laughable angle the president would be taking to make his tired drivel sound new.

Perhaps it’s my ultra-vivid imagination but after the eighth or tenth instance of hearing the president plead with lawmakers to “pass the bill now”, I half expected Biden to jump up and say, “What’s wrong with you people? For the love of all things holy, pass the boy’s bill now!” For anyone unfamiliar with the reference I’ve posted a link to the original. Watch it and you make the call.


Actually, had Biden and Obama done a Farley/Sandler routine it may have played well for the president as it would have been the only new and unexpected aspect of Obama’s typical “Obaminizing”. As was expected by most, Obama’s big plan to FINALLY create jobs and stimulate the economy is in fact Obama’s old plan to create jobs and stimulate the economy. Thirty-three minutes of road construction, calls for the wealthy to “pay their fair share” (which is apparently some unknown percentage of income as opposed to a shared personal responsibility to pay for basic, essential government services), and downplaying the crippling economic effects of the staggering level of new federal regulations enacted to pacify big donors and special interests. For all the pomp and glitz surrounding this jobs plan, it turned out to be as big a waste of time. Broad, generic suggestions largely centered on short-term construction jobs that will eventually end leaving the beneficiaries in the same position they’re in now. The only difference will be that the national debt will likely be pushing $20 trillion the next time the US has to borrow or “create” money to extend their unemployment benefits.

This “big f-ing deal” as Uncle Joe might put it, was a campaign speech detailing the predictable course of things to come and laying the groundwork to make that course possible. Who wouldn’t expect Obama to campaign on his index finger; pointing it at everyone but himself that is?

Obama has absolutely nothing in the way of success to tout going into this campaign; no, not even the killing of Bin Laden. That came about as a result of intelligence gathering going back to the Bush administration. All Obama had to do with anything was making the decision to go or not to go once presented with the intelligence. In my opinion, this executive decision was as much a no brainer as getting up and getting dressed. With this record of failure, the same kind of record Obama promised would lead to him NOT seeking a second term, all the man can do is what he’s always done, play the blame game.

In that respect, this speech is being considered a success by the Whitehouse today. Clearly, they’re sure the American people are still so stupid as to see Obama’s opponents as the villains for refusing to go even further on a proven failed path. This is in fact the platform of Obama’s campaign which started on the “black bus from hell” tour and continued last night. More disingenuous claims of Republicans being “the party of no”, more repulsive claims of domestic terrorism toward the Tea Party, and more insulting statements like, “Well, things could be worse”.

Some have questioned the intelligence of Texas governor Rick Perry in the media recently. It’s funny those kinds of claims can so quickly be made of a governor few knew much about until a few weeks ago. Yet, in the case of a man whose claims over the past two and a half years have so often assumed the ignorance of his audience they see utter genius.  

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