Casey Anthony trial creates maddness

I came across a story today about a fight breaking out amongst some attending the Casey Anthony trial.

In reading the headline my instincts told me that tempers had likely flared due to the highly charged atmosphere around the case. It was a logical conclusion as the murders of children always generate a great deal of emotion, as they should.

In this case however, my instincts couldn’t have been more wrong. The story found here:,0,2019911.story reports that the fight was actually between hopeful spectators waiting in line to get tickets to the Anthony trial. …I’ll give you a minute to collect your jaw from the desk in front of you….

Ok, that’s right, apparently a couple of professional gawkers started a fight when they cut in line to get Anthony trial tickets and then started throwing punches when the rest of the line attempted to put them in line.

Personally, I find this entire thing sickening. From the murder of the child to the mother’s behavior after the child’s “disappearance” to the sleazy “family secrets” to the mobs outside the courthouse vying to get in for a peek. Does anyone even remember why this event is taking place? A beautiful, defenseless child was murdered and now the world wants to come by and dip their handkerchief in her blood.

The public’s reaction to these types of things in many cases is as alarming as the heinous acts themselves. This entire circus needs to close down. The accused should be tried in solitude and if found guilty sent away and forgotten about.