The Media’s Race War: Getting Kicked and Taking No Names

“I think I saw something!” – “Huh?” – “Shhhhh.”

Once again I’m obliged to write on a shocking story that the media is refusing to touch. The story involves a clear hate crime and the Virginia newspaper for whom the two victims work.

On the night of April 14 two reporters for Norfolk, VA’s Virginian Pilot were driving home from a concert. At that same time a mob of an estimated 100 “young people” were doing whatever a mob of 100 young people might do on the streets at night. The reporters, Marjon Rostami and Dave Forster stopped at a traffic light near the mob. A young black man threw a rock at Forster’s car and Forster got out assessing the damage to his vehicle and addressing the man responsible. At that point about 30 of the mob broke off and came after Forster. Ms Rostami, still in the car locked her door as the mob took turns beating and kicking Forster. At some point Rostami reached out the window in an attempt to pull Forster back into the car. According to the police report, she was then beaten about the face and head at least a half dozen times by a young black man. Once she pulled herself back into the car Rostami attempted to call 9-1-1. On her first two attempts she got a busy signal but finally got through after which an officer was dispatched but did not arrive until after the mob had dispersed and witnesses had come to help the beaten and bloodied couple.

Now here’s where things start getting weird.

While not really the point of this piece, the reaction of the responding officer is worth noting. Rostami claims that while attempting to explain to the officer what had happened and being somewhat hysterical, the officer told her to shut up and get back in the car. By the victims’ accounts the officer comes off as incredibly dismissive of the entire incident. He told the couple that crowds of kids hung out in front of the nearby public housing looking for trouble. Rostami said that the officer said their assailants “were probably juveniles anyway. What are we going to do? Find their parents and tell them?” The officer classified the incident as a simple assault (Get that, a mob of young blacks attacks a white couple at a red light and it’s considered SIMPLE ASSAULT), gave the couple his card and told them to call later if they wanted to file a report. Both Rostami and Forster note that the officer took no names from any of the witnesses who had come to help them.

And here’s where it get utterly disturbing.

As I mentioned, this incident took place on April 14th. How, you may ask, have I not heard at least SOMETHING of this heinous act before today? Well, the simple answer is you’re not alone. This two and a half week old story didn’t break until yesterday. That’s right, two news reporters of all people are attacked and beaten by a mob and everyone goes mute. We finally got the story on Monday from Virginian Pilot reporter Michelle Washington, though even subscribers to the Pilot may have missed it. The story broke well inside the paper in the Op-Ed section.

Ms Washington’s take on the incident is one of outrage over “senseless teenagers who attacked two people just trying to go home…”. Ms Washington also takes issue with the responding officer as she writes, “…from the police officer whose conduct may have been typical but certainly seems cold…”. But she never comes closer to hitting on the two ton gorilla in the room than when she refers to Tweets posted shortly after the attacks. One of which said, “I feel for the white man who got beat up at the light”. Followed by a response reading, “I don’t, (do it for Treyvon Martin)”. Ms Washington’s simple response to the Tweets; “…from the Tweeting nitwits who think beating a man in Norfolk will change the death of Treyvon Martin”.

The Virginian Pilot has since published a response from its editor which basically states that due to the attack being classified by police as a simple assault, the Pilot opted to ignore it entirely as that would be their general course of action in dealing with a similar charge not involving their staff.

Now that’s a pretty slick defense for an inexplicable failure to inform the public but it does raise a few questions. What media organization would ever fail to report the attack of a couple of black employees by a mob of young whites? What media organization, regardless of their standard practice regarding “simple assault” would risk not reporting this incident and racial backlash that would surely accompany any other organization or individual breaking this story while they sat in silence? What news organization would consider a barbaric beating of a black couple whose only offense was stopping at a red light near a mob of whites a “simple  assault”? Find me that organization and I’ll show you a news agency known for it’s racially biased reporting.

As of Ms Washington’s publishing of her piece yesterday, both Ms Rostami and Mr Forster are back at work at the Pilot after each taking a week to recover. No arrests have been made, Ms Rostami admits to being fearful of being alone in her home and Forster wishes he had stayed in his car. Everyone loses except the animals responsible and the cancerous PC mentality that demands this type of thing be covered up and never discussed at face value.

As I’m posting this a Yahoo news search of the Virginian Pilot brings up one hit on Ms Washington’s original editorial and one hit on the editor’s response followed by thousands of totally unrelated hits.

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