The Election Is Over, Now About All That Voter Fraud…

Watching last night’s election returns was more fun than watching the Vikings squeak out a rare win and the excitement level in my home was just as high.

But now that it’s over, let’s not forget about the importance of protecting the integrity of our electoral process until summer of ’16.

This is a serious issue and the outright refusal of the left to do anything to ensure We the People are provided fair and accurate elections, if not a dead giveaway of their intent to capitalize on the lack of security in the system, is certainly an invitation to outside entities to influence our process thus silencing the intended owners and operators of our republic while potentially hijacking our entire system of government.



No freedom loving American wants to see any American voter refused the right to speak in our elections. However, the claims by some that any effort to ensure that all those participating in our elections are in fact eligible to do so and do so only once is “racist” or “anti-poor”, is nothing more than that same ole, same ole “War on ______” tactic that we’ve come to expect from those who have built entire careers on ensuring the “lingering effects of slavery” and inequality in general live on ad infinitum. A tactic that last night’s sweep seems to indicate is no longer working.

With some in government advocating for and proposing one entitlement after another in their attempts to claim ownership of certain voter blocs, it was interesting to me to see their vehement opposition to SC Governor Niki Haley’s offer in September of 2011 to provide free rides to driver license stations to voters who for whatever reason do not already have a photo ID in order that they might obtain them.

In just about any other instance, such a gesture would have been embraced as “the least we could do for the less fortunate among us”. The automatic rejection of such a tax payer funded “entitlement” designed to give to the poor and minorities something that the left claims they have no way of obtaining on their own, speaks volumes.

Are we to believe that voting is the only aspect of life in America adversely affected by a requirement to show ID? What about welfare, food stamps, public housing and utility assistance? Are recipients of these entitlements not required to prove who they are? It would seem that Ms. Haley’s offer to provide free of charge ID to any South Carolinian currently without ID would have benefitted SC’s poor far more than simply providing them a means by which to prove their identity when voting.

Again, the automatic rejection says a lot. It seems to indicate that there is a bit more to the opposition than simply the inability of some to acquire ID.



This one seems to rear its ugly head in one or more precincts each and every time the American people are called to vote. Most recently we’ve seen such “anomalies” in both Maryland and Chicago, IL. In both of these scarcely reported instances votes cast for Democrats were recorded as votes for Democrats while votes cast for Republicans were “magically” switched to votes for their Democrat opponents. In Chicago Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan was forced to contact his polling place’s election judge to report that in each race in which he attempted to cast a vote for a Republican the voting machine attempted to credit his vote to the Democrat running in the same race. Cook County Board of Elections Deputy Communications Director Jim Scalzitti gave the excuse we’ve come to expect in these instances, saying that the issues were due to “calibration errors” with the touch screen voting machine.

Similar issues were reported in several precincts in Maryland and in each case the excuse given as to the reason behind what appears to be an attempt to steal votes was the same, “calibration errors”. One thing that didn’t happen in any of these reported cases was Democrat votes being handed to Republican candidates. Now this in and of itself should be cause for alarm. Even if you believe that after two full years to prepare for and ensure the integrity of this most critical of democratic processes some election officials fail miserably year after year, how can one rationalize the fact that these “errors” always benefit one party over another short of some degree of intent?

It is the responsibility of each of our 50 states to provide for fair and accurate elections. And being that voting is the most fundamental and direct means we have by which to exercise ownership of our government, one would think the responsibility to do so should rank among the most important services the states are obligated to provide.



I’ve written before on the teachings of Larry P. Arnn, president of Hillsdale College. Specifically of his assertion that one of the fundamental differences between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives tend to view human nature in much the same way as the founders did in that the founders understood and accepted the fact that man is capable of and in some cases it may be argued even has a propensity to do evil, break the rules and our laws and inflict harm upon others. As such they gave us the tools by which to deal with man at his worst. Liberals on the other hand, seem to believe that under the right regulations and restrictions and with certain mandates and requirements all that human nature can in fact be bred out of humanity. This is why our schools have become social engineering labs in which liberals experiment on our children with different unproven methods designed, we’re led to believe, to create a better brand of human. Thus far their efforts have produced nothing but the types of failures we can read about each time there’s another school shooting. I’ll elaborate on this further in another article.

Whether or not you subscribe to the belief that humans are capable of negating human nature, there can be no debating that we’ve not succeeded in those efforts thus far.

Proof of this can be seen in each election in which people are caught attempting to directly defraud the results.

Who could forget, aside from the mainstream media and just about everyone affiliated with the DNC, the homeless man who on video admitted to casting no less than 17 votes for Obama back in ’08, claiming that despite his making DNC vote grabbers aware that he had already voted several times, time and time again he was told it was okay to cast another ballot for which he was paid in pocket change and smokes?

Last night’s elections were no different. And while little was made by really any media outlet of the liberal activist caught on video stuffing what appear to be literally hundreds of ballots into an Arizona ballot box while poll workers were on their lunch break, the video and eyewitness account seem to leave little doubt as to the fraud committed. The video of this instance is featured at the top of this article. It shows an unidentified man wearing a “Citizens for a Better Arizona” t-shirt stuffing an unattended ballot box. What the video does not disclose is the reaction of the man when confronted by a voter named A.J. LaFaro for attempting to drop an unsealed ballot in the box along with all the others he submitted. LaFaro stated that upon pointing out that one of the ballots the man was attempting to submit was unsealed, the man became hostile and asked LaFaro who he was after telling him it was “none of your business”. LaFaro goes on to explain that after he told the man who he was the man told LaFaro “Go F—k yourself”.

In addition to this demonstration of liberal activist class and respect for our process, our old friend James O’Keefe hit us with yet another of his revealing hidden camera reports in which he obtained a list of inactive voters and then proceeded to obtain 20 ballots under 20 different inactive voters’ names.

These instances should elicit outrage in every American voter regardless whether you consider yourself a member of the Republican, Democrat, Independent or “The Rent Is Too Damn High” party. Unless you have some vested interest in seeing these issues remain unchecked or you for some reason feel an assurance that the party or candidate of your choice will never fall victim to these types of “errors” or blatant fraud, you should want to see these issues addressed and prevented from ever happening again. And when members of one party in particular seem to overwhelming reject the possibility that their votes will ever be disenfranchised by such fraud, one must wonder what on earth could produce such confidence in a clearly flawed system.



Anyone with the integrity to be honest with them self must admit that something must be done if we’re to ever trust our electoral process and the results it produces. Certainly voter ID should be one measure adopted in all 50 states but as we see time and time again, even that is not enough.

Thus far 34 states have passed laws requiring some form of ID be produced in order to vote. These laws must require that the ID one must produce be a photo ID and these laws must be passed in each of our 50 states.

In addition, we need some sort of paper trail. If the IRS can get away with claiming several of the hard drives thought to contain incriminating evidence regarding their targeting scandal simply up and crashed simultaneously, we must be crazy to trust our elections to computerized machines with no means by which to check their accuracy.

Each computerized vote should produce two paper copies, one for the voter to do with as he or she pleases and one to be submitted and kept on file in case of any type of irregularity requiring a recount.

And finally, we need some simple accountability. Check the video of the guy stuffing the ballot box in Arizona. Now ask yourself how difficult it should be to identify the culprit. You couldn’t have gotten clearer images of this man had he been posing for family portraits. But he will not be identified because there is no desire to do so. People caught intentionally defrauding our system must face charges and such crimes must be taken seriously by all of us as they disenfranchise each of us.

Until We the People demonstrate how seriously we take our vote state legislators will fail in their responsibilities and federal prosecutors will believe they are simply doing their jobs in protecting the weaknesses in our electoral process.