The Election Is Over, Now About All That Voter Fraud…

Watching last night’s election returns was more fun than watching the Vikings squeak out a rare win and the excitement level in my home was just as high.

But now that it’s over, let’s not forget about the importance of protecting the integrity of our electoral process until summer of ’16.

This is a serious issue and the outright refusal of the left to do anything to ensure We the People are provided fair and accurate elections, if not a dead giveaway of their intent to capitalize on the lack of security in the system, is certainly an invitation to outside entities to influence our process thus silencing the intended owners and operators of our republic while potentially hijacking our entire system of government.



No freedom loving American wants to see any American voter refused the right to speak in our elections. However, the claims by some that any effort to ensure that all those participating in our elections are in fact eligible to do so and do so only once is “racist” or “anti-poor”, is nothing more than that same ole, same ole “War on ______” tactic that we’ve come to expect from those who have built entire careers on ensuring the “lingering effects of slavery” and inequality in general live on ad infinitum. A tactic that last night’s sweep seems to indicate is no longer working.

With some in government advocating for and proposing one entitlement after another in their attempts to claim ownership of certain voter blocs, it was interesting to me to see their vehement opposition to SC Governor Niki Haley’s offer in September of 2011 to provide free rides to driver license stations to voters who for whatever reason do not already have a photo ID in order that they might obtain them.

In just about any other instance, such a gesture would have been embraced as “the least we could do for the less fortunate among us”. The automatic rejection of such a tax payer funded “entitlement” designed to give to the poor and minorities something that the left claims they have no way of obtaining on their own, speaks volumes.

Are we to believe that voting is the only aspect of life in America adversely affected by a requirement to show ID? What about welfare, food stamps, public housing and utility assistance? Are recipients of these entitlements not required to prove who they are? It would seem that Ms. Haley’s offer to provide free of charge ID to any South Carolinian currently without ID would have benefitted SC’s poor far more than simply providing them a means by which to prove their identity when voting.

Again, the automatic rejection says a lot. It seems to indicate that there is a bit more to the opposition than simply the inability of some to acquire ID.



This one seems to rear its ugly head in one or more precincts each and every time the American people are called to vote. Most recently we’ve seen such “anomalies” in both Maryland and Chicago, IL. In both of these scarcely reported instances votes cast for Democrats were recorded as votes for Democrats while votes cast for Republicans were “magically” switched to votes for their Democrat opponents. In Chicago Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan was forced to contact his polling place’s election judge to report that in each race in which he attempted to cast a vote for a Republican the voting machine attempted to credit his vote to the Democrat running in the same race. Cook County Board of Elections Deputy Communications Director Jim Scalzitti gave the excuse we’ve come to expect in these instances, saying that the issues were due to “calibration errors” with the touch screen voting machine.

Similar issues were reported in several precincts in Maryland and in each case the excuse given as to the reason behind what appears to be an attempt to steal votes was the same, “calibration errors”. One thing that didn’t happen in any of these reported cases was Democrat votes being handed to Republican candidates. Now this in and of itself should be cause for alarm. Even if you believe that after two full years to prepare for and ensure the integrity of this most critical of democratic processes some election officials fail miserably year after year, how can one rationalize the fact that these “errors” always benefit one party over another short of some degree of intent?

It is the responsibility of each of our 50 states to provide for fair and accurate elections. And being that voting is the most fundamental and direct means we have by which to exercise ownership of our government, one would think the responsibility to do so should rank among the most important services the states are obligated to provide.



I’ve written before on the teachings of Larry P. Arnn, president of Hillsdale College. Specifically of his assertion that one of the fundamental differences between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives tend to view human nature in much the same way as the founders did in that the founders understood and accepted the fact that man is capable of and in some cases it may be argued even has a propensity to do evil, break the rules and our laws and inflict harm upon others. As such they gave us the tools by which to deal with man at his worst. Liberals on the other hand, seem to believe that under the right regulations and restrictions and with certain mandates and requirements all that human nature can in fact be bred out of humanity. This is why our schools have become social engineering labs in which liberals experiment on our children with different unproven methods designed, we’re led to believe, to create a better brand of human. Thus far their efforts have produced nothing but the types of failures we can read about each time there’s another school shooting. I’ll elaborate on this further in another article.

Whether or not you subscribe to the belief that humans are capable of negating human nature, there can be no debating that we’ve not succeeded in those efforts thus far.

Proof of this can be seen in each election in which people are caught attempting to directly defraud the results.

Who could forget, aside from the mainstream media and just about everyone affiliated with the DNC, the homeless man who on video admitted to casting no less than 17 votes for Obama back in ’08, claiming that despite his making DNC vote grabbers aware that he had already voted several times, time and time again he was told it was okay to cast another ballot for which he was paid in pocket change and smokes?

Last night’s elections were no different. And while little was made by really any media outlet of the liberal activist caught on video stuffing what appear to be literally hundreds of ballots into an Arizona ballot box while poll workers were on their lunch break, the video and eyewitness account seem to leave little doubt as to the fraud committed. The video of this instance is featured at the top of this article. It shows an unidentified man wearing a “Citizens for a Better Arizona” t-shirt stuffing an unattended ballot box. What the video does not disclose is the reaction of the man when confronted by a voter named A.J. LaFaro for attempting to drop an unsealed ballot in the box along with all the others he submitted. LaFaro stated that upon pointing out that one of the ballots the man was attempting to submit was unsealed, the man became hostile and asked LaFaro who he was after telling him it was “none of your business”. LaFaro goes on to explain that after he told the man who he was the man told LaFaro “Go F—k yourself”.

In addition to this demonstration of liberal activist class and respect for our process, our old friend James O’Keefe hit us with yet another of his revealing hidden camera reports in which he obtained a list of inactive voters and then proceeded to obtain 20 ballots under 20 different inactive voters’ names.

These instances should elicit outrage in every American voter regardless whether you consider yourself a member of the Republican, Democrat, Independent or “The Rent Is Too Damn High” party. Unless you have some vested interest in seeing these issues remain unchecked or you for some reason feel an assurance that the party or candidate of your choice will never fall victim to these types of “errors” or blatant fraud, you should want to see these issues addressed and prevented from ever happening again. And when members of one party in particular seem to overwhelming reject the possibility that their votes will ever be disenfranchised by such fraud, one must wonder what on earth could produce such confidence in a clearly flawed system.



Anyone with the integrity to be honest with them self must admit that something must be done if we’re to ever trust our electoral process and the results it produces. Certainly voter ID should be one measure adopted in all 50 states but as we see time and time again, even that is not enough.

Thus far 34 states have passed laws requiring some form of ID be produced in order to vote. These laws must require that the ID one must produce be a photo ID and these laws must be passed in each of our 50 states.

In addition, we need some sort of paper trail. If the IRS can get away with claiming several of the hard drives thought to contain incriminating evidence regarding their targeting scandal simply up and crashed simultaneously, we must be crazy to trust our elections to computerized machines with no means by which to check their accuracy.

Each computerized vote should produce two paper copies, one for the voter to do with as he or she pleases and one to be submitted and kept on file in case of any type of irregularity requiring a recount.

And finally, we need some simple accountability. Check the video of the guy stuffing the ballot box in Arizona. Now ask yourself how difficult it should be to identify the culprit. You couldn’t have gotten clearer images of this man had he been posing for family portraits. But he will not be identified because there is no desire to do so. People caught intentionally defrauding our system must face charges and such crimes must be taken seriously by all of us as they disenfranchise each of us.

Until We the People demonstrate how seriously we take our vote state legislators will fail in their responsibilities and federal prosecutors will believe they are simply doing their jobs in protecting the weaknesses in our electoral process.

Duck Dynasty Disaster For A&E? We Can Only Hope

Such A Strong Family Show On Such A Weak Network

Such A Strong Family Show On Such A Weak Network

Well America, here we go again.

We’re once again blessed to have our thought control police looking out for us and sparing us all the horror of having the religious faith of others disclosed to us…or were they “FORCED” upon us? It’s so hard to tell the difference these days if we listen to our self-appointed keepers.

I know this issue has been written and reported on ad nauseum and there’s likely little I could add to the debate that has not already been said. Quite honestly, my feelings on this issue can be no better illustrated than in the email I felt compelled to send to A&E therefore, I have pasted it below.

I would only add that the our pouring of support the Robertson family is receiving over a clearly bad decision by A&E is encouraging and I hope that if they’ve not already done so, A&E will soon see the error in their idiocy. Whether or not it ever leads to the network attempting to right the wrong they’ve created remains to be seen. But having watched similar situations play out in the past, I’m not holding out a lot of hope in that regard.

I do however hope that the Robertsons recognize the incalculable value in the quality, family oriented product they’ve provided we the viewers and I if necessary consider alternatives to supplying the OVERWHELMING demand.


Dear A&E Yuppies,

I’d like to thank you for bringing me BACK to my senses and reminding me why it’s been so long since I’ve bothered with television.

Your feigned outrage over Mr. Phil Robertson’s honest answers to a clearly loaded line of questioning so beautifully demonstrates what I and clearly MILLIONS of Americans see as a product of an absolute detriment to our society. That being political correctness aka: common sense bankruptcy.

The very fact that you allowed each episode of Duck Dynasty to close with a family prayer, to me seems quite out of character from what we’ve all come to expect from our collective media for whom the destruction of traditional American values often seems to trump entertainment not to mention in the case of the “news” media, education. Yet, while your decision to allow such a “flagrant attempt to ram the faith of others down your viewers throats” appears on the surface to be a courageous decision in this day and age, the facade quickly fades at the first sign of opposition which where I come from, equates to no courage at all.

As far as the show itself, my children of all people have made me a fan. They have loved the show for some time now and at some point in their fanaticism convinced me to sit down and watch with them. We’ve been watching the show as a family ever since. As such, you can imagine the disappointment I was forced to deal with yesterday afternoon when they came home from school and I had to explain to them that we WOULD NOT be viewing last night’s DD marathon that we had all been looking forward to for days.

However, even in this I’m inclined to thank you for the opportunity your decision provided me to explain to my children EXACTLY what your network and a minute minority like you are attempting to do and how CRITICAL it is that we recognize these attempts at thought control for what they are and stand up against such disturbing reminders of 1930s Eastern Europe.

A little over the top? I don’t think so. You hired the Robertson family knowing full well that they value their faith and as I mentioned, have even broken what seems to have become a television taboo in that in each episode you air a family prayer. I’m sure your decision to do so has resulted in a MOUNTAIN of angry complaints just as I’m sure there have been attorneys on retainer for some time now just waiting for an opportunity such as this on which the TRUE HATERS felt they could pounce.

I’d like you to know that due to my family’s love for the show I did DVR last night’s DD marathon and we will view every episode you aired last night later this weekend making sure to skip each ad from each of your sponsors, including those who have also expressed opposition to your decision to place Phil on hiatus. Additionally, we will never subject ourselves to any influence your sponsors would like to exercise on us as until you come to your senses and admit that Phil’s personal beliefs were not the “shocker” you’d like a few to believe they are to you, we will never again watch the show during its air time slot nor will we watch the ads running during the show.

We will stand by our rejection of your sponsors unless and until you reconsider your thoughtless knee jerk reaction to an inordinately vocal minority who claim to be concerned with tolerance while demonstrating such intolerance as to find the personal religious beliefs of others “offensive”. And I will relish each opportunity your decision provides me to remind my children of our new house rule and explain the dangers of social engineering, thought control and vehement hate disguised as victimization that you clearly either support or are too weak to stand up to.

I Sincerely Thank You,

An American Father


If you’re interested in contacting A&E and expressing your opposition or support for their decision you can do so at:

Lie To Us, We Like It

Yeah, you heard right America.

This chump believes that “We can deal with the lies that president Obama tells us”.

Now I’m not going to even ATTEMPT to claim that politicians DO NOT lie to us but to defend such actions and then suggest that Obama’s brand of lies, lies he perpetrated against the American public so as to help force his “signature piece of legislation” on the nation are something that Obama’s election indicates We the People somehow knowingly signed up for is preposterous.

Not much more to say about this clown other than to remind you that this is the same guy who in the clip below suggested that “ignorant people” should not be allowed to vote, backing up his belief by claiming that politicians use the ignorant due to their being easily misled. All this while ignoring the BLATANT and EASILY VERIFIABLE facts surrounding the election of our “first African-American” blah, blah, blah.

Ignorance clearly is as ignorance does.

All that said and intentional “ignorance” of the here and now aside, I would support Granderson’s suggestion to require at least a minimal demonstration of knowledge of our political system, our nation’s history and the candidates running of anyone wanting to cast a vote in our republic.

Of course conservatives would simply rely on their own knowledge of these subjects while liberals would create entirely new activist groups dedicated to spoon-feeding their mindless masses the right answers so in the end, the nation as a whole would gain nothing.

Presidential Powers and the Constitution

Johnathan Turley

Well THAT was ASTOUNDINGLY interesting!

I just watched the House Judiciary Committee hearing on presidential powers and The Constitution. Among the panel of witnesses of Constitutional professors and experts was Professor Johnathan Turley who I am ashamed to admit I knew very little of until today, despite his site being the source from which some of my own readers have come AND having read a great deal more from him than I ever even realized until today. For that I offer my apologies to Professor Turley and I’m happy to say I’ve learned that clicking on the “Bio” button on a blog may be worth the effort.

The other witnesses on the panel today were Nicholas Rosenkrantz professor of law at the Georgetown Law Center, Simon Lazarus Senior council with The Constitutional Accountability Center and Michael Cannon Cato Institute Director of Health Policy Studies.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I can get rather wordy and may sometimes put too much effort into summarizing video, audio and written transcripts of events like this. In my defense, the things I write about and my desire to have these issues widely proliferated are usually so important to me that I tend to rehash even the most minute of details knowing that the vast majority of Americans are so disinterested or have such little patience that they’ll likely not submit themselves sitting through over 3 hours of congressional hearings. In this case however, I MUST make an exception.

I STRONGLY urge everyone reading this to find time, even if you do so in 15 minute chunks over the course of several days, to watch THE ENTIRE HEARING.

I can’t even begin to go into detail as to what was discussed, disclosed and even dodged for fear of spending the next 6 hours reiterating EVERY DETAIL of the hearing. Please, just watch it and find out for yourself why IA Congressman Steve King referred to this hearing as the most interesting and relevant of his entire congressional career or why GA Congressman Doug Collins called it the most “disturbing” hearing he had ever attended.

So why bother writing at all? Why not simply post a link to the video and suggest everyone go view it? Well, it comes down to what I personally found to be one of the most interesting, relevant, disturbing AND telling aspects of the entire ordeal; That being the fact that after finishing with all their foaming and frothing at the mouth in their petty attacks against the GOP, the entire Democrat side of the committee chamber was vacated. Having taken all their cheap, petty jabs, ignoring their responsibility to their constituents and demonstrating either their lack of understanding of or refusal to hold one of their own accountable for his Constitutional requirement to execute his responsibilities as clearly outlined and originally intended, they simply walked out as the remaining GOP representatives continued to question the panel of witnesses.

Democrat congressman Steve Cohn didn’t even bother arriving for the hearing until all the other Democrats had left. When he DID finally decide to bless the committee with his presence it was clear he only even bothered due to one of the early departing Democrats telling him the word “impeachment” had been uttered. Mr. Cohn walked in, was given the floor and commenced to grill the panel on the raising of the issue of impeachment and in so doing made it quite clear that his claim that he had heard the discussion of impeachment while following the hearing on a video feed was a lie as he had NO IDEA who had been involved in the discussion nor what had been said. After the members of the panel had brought Mr. Cohn up to speed on all he had missed, Cohn asked each of them if in their opinions Bush had ever committed an impeachable offense and then he left.

Herein lies the problem with our current Federal train wreck. And it’s not just in this particular hearing that I’ve seen this type of UBER-PARTISAN, petty trifling. Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee as well as the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform seem just as disinterested in doing the jobs they’ve been tasked with and far more concerned with offering blind faith in the administration as they BLATANTLY work to marginalize and silence all with whom they disagree.

It’s a scathing indictment against we the people and our collective political apathy that disingenuous narratives like “the party of no” and “Congressional Republicans are ‘OBSTRUCTIONISTS’” ever even see the light of day with all of the facts so easily accessible to each and every one of us, if only we’re concerned enough to look and listen.

Oh and uh Professor Turley, if you’re reading this you should know that my son has been set on attending Georgetown for his law degree after finishing with his degree in business next year however we’re now taking a closer look at George Washington University thanks to you. 🙂

Why We Shouldn’t Spend Another Second Discussing Obamacare

This video goes to my earlier rant and due to the fact that seemingly the vast majority of videos of this sort, of Obama in his own words have oddly “disappeared” from the web over the past few years, I’m somewhat surprised it still exists.

No need rehashing what’s already been said here before. Suffice to say, if you hadn’t before, you have now been made aware of the intent behind the ACA. So, for the love of billshut stacked on top of billshut, why are we STILL ignoring Socialized medicine, the REAL issue here?

Remember The Hippies? Well, They’re NOT Back

Run Everyone!!! That guy has a bar of soap!!!

Run Everyone!!!
That guy has a bar of soap!!!

Remember the Hippies?

Me neither. I was born a little less than a year after the “Summer of Love”.

Funny, I’d never considered that before. Hmm Forget it, I don’t want to know.

At any rate, pretty gross huh? I mean the girls not shaving…ANYTHING. Seemingly no attempt whatsoever to look…you know…good. I mean just imagine crawling into bed…NO! Don’t ever think about that, EVER! YIKES! But you know what I”m saying. I’ve got to think I would have taken care of…”issues” as a solo pilot until at least the mid-seventies had I been around back then.

And the dudes were WORSE! They so totally dressed like GIRLS!!! And that’s coming from a guy who spent YEARS wearing some pretty outrageous things while on stage in bands. (Ever seen a spandex, snake skin printed tux coat with conchos, leather fringe and long ass tails?) Pffft forget about it. Those guys dressed like…incredibly fashion savvy, cat owning, hair “stylists”,  right? And always rambling on incoherently about some esoteric bullshit. Everyone floating around, tripping balls on acid and saying “GROOVY”. Burning American flags and sympathizing with our enemies. F-ing BARF already! And by the looks of them, both girls and guys alike most likely smelled…really bad!

However, with all these superficial strikes against them they do seem to have been pretty close to the mark on a few items.

Though I’ve never given it much thought until quite recently, I’ve got to respect the 60s’ “Hippie movement” for their insistence on questioning EVERYTHING and their refusal to trust “The Man”. Despite their dismal personal hygiene and some of their more radical displays of “nonconformity”, they do seem to have been dedicated to…well…being Hippies anyway.

Love them or hate them, it’s difficult if not impossible to imagine that whole “make love not war” crowd offering itself up as Lemmings, eager to be spoon fed and then distribute administration sound bites and talking points as they blindly follow some federal pied piper of fools. Not an administration who flies drones halfway around the world so as to “take out” whomever they determine is a target…oh, and of course anyone else unfortunate enough to be within the blast radius. And from what I’ve seen and read, Hippies were all about love, enlightenment, openness (You mean like “transparency”?) and honesty. Uh, let me hit that one again and with feeling, HONESTY!!!

As such, it’s incomprehensible that any self-respecting Hippie would continue to support a president who is also an habitual liar.

“The shovel ready jobs were not so shovel ready. hahaha”

“Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.”

“If you like your current healthcare, you can keep it PERIOD.”

And on and on. Naa, I’m guessing the open and HONEST flower children of the sixties would find such a compulsive liar as…well…DISHONEST!

It’s utterly stunning to compare those young, energetic, “long=haired, freaky people” to today’s liberals. They’re not so big on “questioning everything”. However they do stand firm against anyone who does labeling any and all opposition “racists”, “hateful”, “bigoted” and a handful of other intellectually bankrupt diversions intended to marginalize and silence the opposition. You know, the same way the Hippies of the 60s claimed “The Man” was always trying to do to them.

Naa, today’s liberals are fully compliant, on board, standing in line, totally dedicated, eager to believe, disinterested in HONESTY, and apparently not the least bit concerned over their painting themselves as thoughtless followers. Followers of a letter that is. In fact, that letter, “D”, is just about the only thing that the Hippies from back then and the “Groupies” from today share any connection to. Yeah yeah, a lot of the Hippies were all about boycotting “the system” entirely and therefore didn’t vote for nor support ANY politician. But of the ones who saw politics as a possible means to some fairy tale end, they found the most commonality with the Democrats. In fact, many of those hairy, stinky, dressed funny “groovy” guys and gals can currently be found in DC. In congress and holding positions throughout the current administration. Sporting their big “D” as proudly as they once were of their favorite tie-dyed shirts.

They’re also in our universities, rewriting American and World History, misinterpreting The Constitution to such a degree as should be punishable by law and poisoning young minds with nonsense like support for infanticide in cases of live birth to a family experiencing “economic hardship” and University funding, planning and presentation of pretty much all things gay, anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-White and for the love of all things blatantly obvious, anti-conservative. These domestic threats entrusted with our youth and therefore the very future of the nation OPENLY PROMOTE Socialism. An action that one would assume by its very nature to be explicitly promoting the overthrow of our current form of government. In many cases these domestic threats and detriments to our free republic move beyond simply voicing their treasonous opinions in hopes that their shriveled little poisonous seeds will take root in the fertile minds of their “new recruits”. It’s not enough to follow in the deadly footsteps of those Eastern European dictators of the 1930s and 40s, using their bully pulpit to overwhelm their students with political propaganda; Some, likely far more than have been reported thus far, have adopted a “No D’s, No A’s” policy under which the academic success of their students is DIRECTLY tied to the student’s political views. Brain dead liberal drones excel while independent thinkers, not so much. If the student can demonstrate that or at least convince the professor that he/she has made the political views of the professor his own, he/she is considered “educated” however, any steadfast conviction to “undesirable” beliefs indicates a student or more precisely, a student’s thoughts still need some work and the student is given a grade that reflects their “deficiency”.

At the end of the day, all those social heroes from the sixties with their convictions and independence are gone now. They’ve either “joined the dark side” and lashed themselves to their boy king’s chariot or they’ve become part of the very system that they so wanted to reject, DEFINING themselves with that rejection.

The fact is, though liberals, progressives and Timothy Leary types will NEVER admit it, the Tea Party is probably the group MOST resembling our “groovy gurus” of old. In a nutshell, they want government OUT of their lives as much as possible and they want to be left alone to pursue their idea of happiness.

Occupy Wallstreet? Pfft Doubt it. With movement organizers unable to even articulate the group’s intent for WEEKS, the backing the group received from the DNC and all the violence, rapes, assaults etc; Don’t even kid yourself kid. You so totally don’t get it already.

Democrats To Repeal Obamacare?



I just read an article posted on entitled “Obamacare Will Be Repealed Well In Advance Of The 2014 Elections” . The article basically lays out what Forbes contributor Steven Hayward sees as a virtually inevitable shift by congressional Democrats toward repeal of the ACA as next year’s elections approach.

While I disagree with some of Mr. Hayward’s projections and did so in a post to the story’s message board which I’ve pasted below, it is an interesting article and definitely worth checking out.

Would love to hear any and all political theorizing as to how Obamacare and its dismal roll out play for the DNC and the GOP next year and beyond.

My Response:

Interesting article, I only WISH I could be so…optimistic*.

I will take issue with that statement that it’s a “wonder” “that Obama’s political team didn’t see this coming and prepare a preemptive strategy for dealing with…”.

The illusion is broken already.

This administration NEVER seems to foresee or prepare strategies for “dealing with” their seemingly incessant stream of inexplicable actions, to such a degree as to absolutely ASTOUND!

Taken with all the other ways in which this administration has played Obama’s race, this “failure” on the part of the administration to “politic” is most likely just another example of these lazy, slacking groupies and our rock star in chief’s arrogant assurance that mindlessly crying “RACIST” in an attempt to marginalize all who question, blaming Bush and the GOP and when all else fails pleading ignorance would be enough to coast through TWO full terms.

While I’m encouraged that some of us are FINALLY getting it, it’s a scathing indictment against We the People that he was allowed to lean on that useless nonsense for as long as he has. The Civil War is over folks, over 600,000 died, that’s enough punishment for any nation. If you’re suffering from white guilt or a scorching case of racial antipathy or even what intellectual titans like Maxine Waters refer to as “reverse racism”(wtf?), go see a shrink but American presidents do not now nor have they EVER been granted “racial immunity”…to anything, let alone EVERYTHING.

*I could certainly see Obama going the veto route in an attempt to offer Democrats a weak-ass lean-to of a shelter next year but I simply can’t see enough congressional Democrats getting behind repeal for it to ever get to a Senate vote.

Harry Reid is on record from about two and a half months ago stating the ACA should be considered a “stepping stone” to Socialized medicine. This is the same guy if you’ll recall who has literally furnished his entire office with bills he refuses to bring up for a vote. Mostly GOP bills but I think there are a couple of Obama’s budget proposals in Reid’s “stacks of the forgotten” as well.  😉

Obama is also on record supporting and vowing to push to establish Socialized medicine in America going back to AT LEAST 2003. In addition, there have been dozens of “lesser” progressive domestic threats disparaging America for our refusal to embrace Socialized medicine. So, in the words of VP Biden, “this is a big f_ing deal”. Such a big deal, having caused so many congressional Democrats to risk SO much that they have backed themselves into a corner from which the only way out is the shredding of their own credibility and the possible implosion of their political careers or sticking to their guns…and the possible implosion of their political careers.

Regardless, I don’t see Democrats en mass doing an about-face on Obama’s “signature piece of legislation”. What, and risk the precious legacy of our “first black president”?

Not a chance.

Obamacare: Why Are We Kidding Ourselves?

Small doses comrade, small doses.

Small doses comrade, small doses.

Anyone read, watch or hear about Harry Reid’s quote from about two and a half months ago when he stated that the ACA should be considered a “stepping stone” to Socialized medicine?
Of course you did, who didn’t?

Anyone see or read any of the SCORES of quotes from Obama, going back to AT LEAST 2003, in which he too has voiced support for and vowed to push to establish Socialized medicine in America?
Yeah, it took you a while but you finally found “Obamacare Trojan Horse To Single Payer” on Youtube and now you know what those of us who cared knew during Obama’s first campaign.

Anyone hear any of the masses of “lesser” progressive domestic threats attempt to disparage America for NOT embracing Socialized medicine?
I know, stupid question; We all seek out the truth so as to make OUR OWN informed assessments as to what’s going on behind the media spin, don’t we?

So why, for the love of all things intellectually dishonest and self-deceiving, do we CONTINUE to discuss “the ACA”; a program created to fail so as to create for Obama, Reid and the rest a “legitimate” reason to come back to us in the near future and push to hop to that next “stepping stone”, when WE SHOULD BE DISCUSSING Socialized medicine?!!!

Are we REALLY so controlled by the media or afraid of the topic that we’re all going to pretend we’re utterly clueless as to the ultimate intent behind the ACA, refusing to speak of WHAT WE KNOW TO BE TRUE until such time as the administration or congressional Democrats have “introduced” known facts into the political discourse?

Seriously America, THIS is astounding!!! If you’ve not seen, heard or read any of the quotes mentioned above and are therefore inclined to reject any and all questions of your boy king or his “signature piece of legislation” and their association to Socialism that’s not my issue. Use the machine on which you’re currently reading this post to READ the hell UP already!!!

If you’re one of the increasing number of open supporters of Socialism infecting this nation, kindly GTFOut!!! You’re idea of liberty, personal freedom and self governance, or UTTER LACK THEREOF already exists all over this earth. Pack your sh:t, take as many like minded sleeper agents as you can find with you and if you don’t mind, please allow America to remain the beacon of hope to those all over the earth currently suffering under the kind of oppression you’ve somehow allowed yourself to be convinced YOU WOULD PREFER!

Regardless, can we collectively grow up, toughen up, wise up or whatever it takes to shift the debate to the REAL issue at hand?

Here, I’ll get the conversation rolling:

Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialist state.
-Vladimir Lenin-



Becky Gerritson, Defender of Liberty



I have just been moved, inspired, humbled and even a little ashamed of my own inaction by the testimony I heard given in the congressional hearings on IRS abuses against what appear to be conservative non-profits. I have included the full video as I feel every American NEEDS to hear the testimony given by Becky Gerritson of Wetumpka, AL.

Mrs. Gerritson’s impassioned testimony to the Ways and Means committee sent goose bumps over my entire body. I have watched her give her opening statements several times and even gathered my children around the television so that they too could hear the inspiring words of this great American patriot. Mrs. Gerritson renews my hope and faith in the American people and the principles that built this greatest of nations. I‘d like to believe that Mrs. Gerritson’s statements will be heard all over America within days if not hours but as is clear in much of my writing, I have absolutely NO FAITH in our press to offer the people of America anything that they deem “unfit” for our consumption so I MUST give a summary of her opening statements and I pray that this woman’s words will inspire any and all who read or hear them.

Mrs. Gerritson explained to the committee that she and her husband became concerned with our government’s out of control spending back in September 2008 with the first 700 billion dollar bail out. Mrs. Gerritson’s concern became a call to action a few months later when in January of 2009 it was revealed that yet another 787 billion would be squandered on further bail outs, handouts to foreign nations and unproductive industries. She explained how she started hearing about others all over the nation who were just as shocked and concerned with reigning in our massive federal beast and how this concern was birthing a grass roots movement called the Tea Party, a movement dedicated to lower taxes, smaller government and placing “we the people” above our paid servants in government. Mrs. Gerritson, her husband and her daughter were moved to draw like-minded citizens in their small town together to do what they could to have their voices heard in Washington.

Mrs. Gerritson stated that she applied for 501c4 tax exempt status for the Wetumpka Tea Party in October of 2010. She stated that the group’s $850 application fee was cashed seven days later and that she was told she would be contacted within 90 days but that their group was forced to wait for 459 days before any response was received. Once they did finally hear back from the government she was asked for 90 pieces of additional information including lists of donors, donation amounts, the names of any volunteers that may possibly be running for office and which office they may be running for as well as detailed contents of any and all speeches given at their meetings. Of course, none of this information is required for 501c4 status. All requested information was to be provided under threat of the law.

In total, 635 days passed before the Wetumpka Tea Party’s application was approved just days before the 2012 presidential election. This begs the obvious question; Who among us could put the IRS off for two years without dire consequence?

Mrs. Gerritson told the committee today that she was not a serf or a vassal seeking mercy from her lords and that she is, “a born free American woman, wife, mother and American citizen and I’m telling my government that you’ve forgotten your place”. Mrs. Gerritson was nearly moved to tears as she stated the following: “We are patriotic Americans. We peacefully assembly, we petition our government, we exercise our right to free speech and we don’t understand why the government tried to stop us”.

In wrapping up her opening, Mrs. Gerritson elicited a round of applause with these words, “Many of the agents and agencies of the federal government do not understand that they are servants of the people. They think they are our masters and they are mistaken. I’m not interested in scoring political points. I want to protect and preserve the America that I grew up in. The America that people crossed oceans and risked their lives to become a part of and I’m terrified it is slipping away”.

The statements by the other five individuals to address the committee today were just as poignant and most definitely worth articles of their own. But I was particularly struck by Mrs. Gerritson’s statements as they embody everything that we as Americans should need to know about our government and its place in our republic.

What I’ve just witnessed is nothing short of a few of the owners of this great nation putting their elected representation on notice that they are overstepping the boundaries set on their power. Our representatives are there to uphold The Constitution and ensure the rights within are extended and defended, without hesitation to every American citizen.

In light of these hearings and all that is being disclosed, it’s interesting that the Tea Party seemed to all but vanish after the 2010 midterms. It’s becoming increasingly clear that they didn’t simply disband and go away but were being intentionally prevented from participating in an election in which the current administration feared they might support, in Obama’s words, his “enemies”. Apparently someone in Washington just couldn’t let another potential “shellacking” be left to chance.

God bless Mrs. Gerritson and her family and the millions like her across this vast land and God bless this greatest of nations. May we rediscover the principles that have served us so well for 237 years. And may this land once again become a sanctuary of freedom, liberty and self-governance.

Rage Against The Deceptive Media Machine

burning effigy

I can’t believe what I’ve just read. I was minding my own business, wrapping up the weekend and grabbing some quick headlines before bed. NOW, I’m mad as hell and will MOST DEFINITELY NOT get enough sleep tonight as I MUST at least attempt to right some blatant wrongs at the New York Times.

Yeah, yeah I hear what you’re saying, “But IGetItAlready, why would you even bother with some low rent drivel printed in the New York Times”. And in most cases you’d have a great point and I would be going to bed right now. However, I am utterly sick to death of our so-called media being so astoundingly strident in their efforts to influence our laws, our policies both foreign and domestic and our very political processes, so much so that I can’t let this shit slide! FFS do NONE of these “journalists”, “reporters” and lobotomized talking heads have the first clue as to the founders’ vision of the role an HONEST, UNBIASED and TOTALLY UNINVESTED media should play in our free republic?!

What’s that punk? You didn’t go into the “news biz” to play some role envisioned for you by a bunch of dead guys some 237 years ago? Fair enough wise ass but have you bothered to consider for a moment that perhaps YOU’RE NOT EVEN HALF CAPABLE OF RUNNING A GLOBAL SUPERPOWER ON NOTHING MORE THAN YOUR OWN OPINIONS AND WHIMS?!!! Not to mention snot nose, that THIS particular superpower is what it is today ONLY because of our unique form of government and founding documents. None of which make ANY mention of dirt bags like you being required, expected or even allowed to manipulate or influence ANYTHING!!! So spare us all your, “I’m going to make a difference and change the world” bullshit. If that’s what you’re about go to med school and cure a disease or something. Whatever you do, please keep your predictable opinions in the same dark closet in which your fear of a well-informed public lurks.

Alright…I’m back. The article in question was written by some quack named Nelson D. Schwartz and was printed in May 5th’s New York Times. The article is entitled, Immigrants Are Transforming a New York Town and the town in question is Port Chester, NY.

Aside from some ridiculously amateur or perhaps moronic editing errors(do as opposed to due, are you kidding or are you in fact a kid?), this “piece”o.s. is a joke that fails to ever become funny. In paragraph 3 Mr. Schwartz starts hitting us with the liberal’s best friend; the one in a million, you’re more likely to be attacked by a grizzly bear, a school of piranhas and a Yeti all on the same day than ever meeting one in real life kind of case. You know what I’m talking about. It’s like the way in which liberals want to hang rationalization for industrialized murder, the end effect of which we’re JUST BARELY having reported to us in the trial of Kermit Gosnell, on the minute minority of abortions that occur as a result of rape or incest. Or the way they like to associate legal gun owners and those who value ALL of our constitutional rights with these crazed, social rejects who rather than doing humanity a favor and simply offing themselves, opt to shoot as many other people as possible on their way out. Or the way in which they fight tooth and nail against any measure meant to ensure the integrity of our electoral process, claiming that there are some Americans who are for some reason incapable of acquiring ID…even after several of the states in question offer to make IDs available at voting stations and in the case of SC, even an offer of free public transportation to anyone needing a ride to go get an ID. In this particular case the minority in question is some illegal immigrant who after invading our sovereign nation opened his own business.

Apparently Mr. Schwartz believes we should all be astonished by the fact that some guy who broke our laws in coming here, rather than living off the system, took full advantage of all that America offers her citizens…not to mention apparently ANYONE who can scale an unwatched fence or walk across an invisible line, and made something of himself; As if ANYONE is so stupid as to think this has NEVER happened to any of the  likely 30 to 40 million or more illegals currently here. (Source: Look it up yourself but I assure you 30 to 40 million were the numbers being batted around when Bush tried his hand at amnesty. It would seem that immediately after Obama was elected, somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 to 80% of our “uninvited guests” decided to leave…Yeah right, and I’ll take a side of beachfront property in Colorado with that load of horseshit please…thanks) Where are all the stories on all the LEGAL Americans who have been robbed of their very lives by drunk drivers and gang bangers who aren’t even supposed to be here? Oh yeah I forgot, those are the kinds of stories which get “bumped” to make room for a last minute adorable cat video or literally ANYONE who wants to announce their sexual orientation to the world…just so long as their sexual orientation is anything but straight.

Schwartz goes on to say he’s withholding this guy’s last name due to the risk of the guy being deported…As if. The guy owns two restaurants and Mr. Schwartz already sells him out if anyone truly cared about “deporting him” (idiot!!!) when he writes that this man will soon be opening a 3rd restaurant and that “his food has a following on Yelp. com. This guy could NEVER be deported by THIS administration. FFS under Obam-nasty (yeah, that’s mine…you can use it if you want) we’re giving a pass to people with up to three misdemeanors. Now how are things going to look for the great Americanizer if this guy gets sent packing while we’re rolling out the welcome mat to others with a historical tendency to assault people? Gimme a break Schwartz!

Later in the article Lawrence F. Katz, a liberal professor of economics at Harvard is quoted as saying in response to his own belief that we need a freer flow of people from other nations in order to foster growth, “No doubt some individuals are harmed but the benefits outweigh the costs.” Now just chew on that for a moment. This jackass sees LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS as acceptable losses in this blatantly obvious battle to import millions of foreign voters. Good lookin’ out buddy. Each and every American citizen is fortunate and should be proud to call you a “fellow American”.

Next Schwartz writes of a LEGAL immigrant from Guatemala who is a CPA in Port Chester and who admits to serving a clientele of both legal and illegal immigrants. Right out of the gate I’ve got to call bullshit OR this Guatemalan is a piece of shit. How many LEGAL immigrants do you suppose jumped through all the hoops, filled out all the forms and coughed up all the cash to become Americans only to turn around and aid an illegal invasion of their new home? Whatever the number, it is EXACTLY the same number of domestic threats that need to be shot for treason and disposed of.  Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that this little Latin paradise is currently 59% Hispanic? No mention of the breakdown between legal and illegals but I think the sudden surge in Hispanic immigrants to the town since 1990 kind of says it all. It’s gotten so bad in Port Chester that local businesses are being forced to hire Spanish speakers in order to serve “their community”.  And why wouldn’t this place attract illegals like flies to vomit? What with treasonous filth like this CPA willing to cater to the criminals and local businesses willing to participate in prejudicial hiring practices as opposed to helping our new friends assimilate. At any rate, this CPA states that he’s beginning to “get more business owners asking for help with accounting and taxes. REALLY? You mean these people have been paying attention to the handout they’re being offered and understand that one of the stipulations will be to pay some form of back taxes? Do you think the fact that having already forked over at least SOME money to “el Tio Sam” when it’s time to come clean would presumably play well for them is ANY motivation for this sudden fit of tax consciousness? Simple cause and effect…stunning isn’t it.

Perhaps the most amazing fragmented thought in this propaganda piece is when he throws us a token non-Hispanic business owner who celebrates the fact that he can fill any opening within minutes while paying minimum wage…yeah liberals, these points are being billed by Schwartz as further BENEFITS of this sanctioned foreign invasion. I don’t know about you but this guy sounds like one of those demonic “one percenters”, sticking it to the little guy and laughing all the way to the bank. At the very least, he’s clearly a racist fat cat who refuses to “pay his fair share”…wouldn’t you agree? (Man I LOVE watching shit run full circle) 😉

Schwartz FINALLY attempts to scrape the surface of reality when he mentions that “some economists” believe that “increased immigration can reduce wages SLIGHTLY for SOME native-born workers…”. He also mentions that in this town of 29,000, ten percent of the population lives below the poverty line which has put “a strain” on local social services. He goes on to mention the fact that area schools are overcrowded due to “children of immigrants flooding the education system”. “Flooding” mind you. Of course Mr. Schwartz stops at “overcrowding”, careful not to mention any of the direct effects overcrowded schools have on the children who have every right to be here and whose parents are paying the bills expecting that their children will receive a quality education in return. Nope, let’s just paint a harmless image of some teacher being forced to fetch a couple of extra chairs for these new kids who talk funny. He also mentions the fact that longtime residents are bitching about homes being occupied by “many more residents than zoning laws permit”. (Is breaking a zoning law a misdemeanor? Just wondering…) But as in Obama’s America in general, it’s pretty clear that “longtime residents” of Port Chester have been reduced to second class citizens as we attempt to alter the political complexion of America via criminals who want nothing to do with BEING American.

Of course our old friend Schwartzie quickly turns and runs from his feigned attempt at full disclosure by unilaterally declaring, “at street level, the economic impact of the immigrant wave has largely been positive”. Perhaps that’s because Mr. Schwartz’s definition of “street level” fails to take into account ANY of the economic effects created by the few cons to this illegal invasion that HE JUST MENTIONED!

The bottom line is this article should never have been written and Mr. Schwartz and so many others like him are in fact “playing their roles”. But they are roles they’ve created for themselves out of  their over inflated sense of self importance. And if you hadn’t noticed, these self imposed roles have absolutely NOTHING to do with “journalism” or disseminating FACTS to the public they were intended to SERVE.

I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating; The next American Revolution will begin with the dead, rotting corpse of our collective media being tossed into the streets.