Lie To Us, We Like It

Yeah, you heard right America.

This chump believes that “We can deal with the lies that president Obama tells us”.

Now I’m not going to even ATTEMPT to claim that politicians DO NOT lie to us but to defend such actions and then suggest that Obama’s brand of lies, lies he perpetrated against the American public so as to help force his “signature piece of legislation” on the nation are something that Obama’s election indicates We the People somehow knowingly signed up for is preposterous.

Not much more to say about this clown other than to remind you that this is the same guy who in the clip below suggested that “ignorant people” should not be allowed to vote, backing up his belief by claiming that politicians use the ignorant due to their being easily misled. All this while ignoring the BLATANT and EASILY VERIFIABLE facts surrounding the election of our “first African-American” blah, blah, blah.

Ignorance clearly is as ignorance does.

All that said and intentional “ignorance” of the here and now aside, I would support Granderson’s suggestion to require at least a minimal demonstration of knowledge of our political system, our nation’s history and the candidates running of anyone wanting to cast a vote in our republic.

Of course conservatives would simply rely on their own knowledge of these subjects while liberals would create entirely new activist groups dedicated to spoon-feeding their mindless masses the right answers so in the end, the nation as a whole would gain nothing.

Presidential Powers and the Constitution

Johnathan Turley

Well THAT was ASTOUNDINGLY interesting!

I just watched the House Judiciary Committee hearing on presidential powers and The Constitution. Among the panel of witnesses of Constitutional professors and experts was Professor Johnathan Turley who I am ashamed to admit I knew very little of until today, despite his site being the source from which some of my own readers have come AND having read a great deal more from him than I ever even realized until today. For that I offer my apologies to Professor Turley and I’m happy to say I’ve learned that clicking on the “Bio” button on a blog may be worth the effort.

The other witnesses on the panel today were Nicholas Rosenkrantz professor of law at the Georgetown Law Center, Simon Lazarus Senior council with The Constitutional Accountability Center and Michael Cannon Cato Institute Director of Health Policy Studies.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I can get rather wordy and may sometimes put too much effort into summarizing video, audio and written transcripts of events like this. In my defense, the things I write about and my desire to have these issues widely proliferated are usually so important to me that I tend to rehash even the most minute of details knowing that the vast majority of Americans are so disinterested or have such little patience that they’ll likely not submit themselves sitting through over 3 hours of congressional hearings. In this case however, I MUST make an exception.

I STRONGLY urge everyone reading this to find time, even if you do so in 15 minute chunks over the course of several days, to watch THE ENTIRE HEARING.

I can’t even begin to go into detail as to what was discussed, disclosed and even dodged for fear of spending the next 6 hours reiterating EVERY DETAIL of the hearing. Please, just watch it and find out for yourself why IA Congressman Steve King referred to this hearing as the most interesting and relevant of his entire congressional career or why GA Congressman Doug Collins called it the most “disturbing” hearing he had ever attended.

So why bother writing at all? Why not simply post a link to the video and suggest everyone go view it? Well, it comes down to what I personally found to be one of the most interesting, relevant, disturbing AND telling aspects of the entire ordeal; That being the fact that after finishing with all their foaming and frothing at the mouth in their petty attacks against the GOP, the entire Democrat side of the committee chamber was vacated. Having taken all their cheap, petty jabs, ignoring their responsibility to their constituents and demonstrating either their lack of understanding of or refusal to hold one of their own accountable for his Constitutional requirement to execute his responsibilities as clearly outlined and originally intended, they simply walked out as the remaining GOP representatives continued to question the panel of witnesses.

Democrat congressman Steve Cohn didn’t even bother arriving for the hearing until all the other Democrats had left. When he DID finally decide to bless the committee with his presence it was clear he only even bothered due to one of the early departing Democrats telling him the word “impeachment” had been uttered. Mr. Cohn walked in, was given the floor and commenced to grill the panel on the raising of the issue of impeachment and in so doing made it quite clear that his claim that he had heard the discussion of impeachment while following the hearing on a video feed was a lie as he had NO IDEA who had been involved in the discussion nor what had been said. After the members of the panel had brought Mr. Cohn up to speed on all he had missed, Cohn asked each of them if in their opinions Bush had ever committed an impeachable offense and then he left.

Herein lies the problem with our current Federal train wreck. And it’s not just in this particular hearing that I’ve seen this type of UBER-PARTISAN, petty trifling. Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee as well as the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform seem just as disinterested in doing the jobs they’ve been tasked with and far more concerned with offering blind faith in the administration as they BLATANTLY work to marginalize and silence all with whom they disagree.

It’s a scathing indictment against we the people and our collective political apathy that disingenuous narratives like “the party of no” and “Congressional Republicans are ‘OBSTRUCTIONISTS’” ever even see the light of day with all of the facts so easily accessible to each and every one of us, if only we’re concerned enough to look and listen.

Oh and uh Professor Turley, if you’re reading this you should know that my son has been set on attending Georgetown for his law degree after finishing with his degree in business next year however we’re now taking a closer look at George Washington University thanks to you. 🙂

Why We Shouldn’t Spend Another Second Discussing Obamacare

This video goes to my earlier rant and due to the fact that seemingly the vast majority of videos of this sort, of Obama in his own words have oddly “disappeared” from the web over the past few years, I’m somewhat surprised it still exists.

No need rehashing what’s already been said here before. Suffice to say, if you hadn’t before, you have now been made aware of the intent behind the ACA. So, for the love of billshut stacked on top of billshut, why are we STILL ignoring Socialized medicine, the REAL issue here?

Obama Blindsided by “Double Entendre” or Sleazy Joke?

Our Chameleon in Chief, never one to be outdone when it comes to blending with any crowd, made a joke at a LGBT fundraiser last night that has some questioning his choice of words.

While thanking Ellen DeGeneres for the introduction she had just given him Obama said, “I want to thank, uh, my, wonderful friend, uh, who, uh, accepts a little bit of teasing about Michelle beating her in pushups …. ah but I think she claims Michelle didn’t go all the way down.”

I could write it off all day as a simple poor choice in wording but considering the venue and the odd way the president handles the situation in the video, I’m not so sure.

I’m not going to speculate on exactly how or why those words ended up on that particular teleprompter. However, Obama’s long pause after the dubious line and his and the crowd’s reaction are interesting to say the least. The interpretations of the incident range from CNN’s assessment that Obama had been “blindsided by a double entendre” to Limbaugh surmising that the oral sex reference was intended.

Regardless, the same media who would have gleefully covered a similar comment from former president Bush on every network news outlet and late night program including Saturday Night Live, isn’t touching this one. Yeah, I’m stunned too.

Check the video and let me know what you think.

Winds of “Change” Targeting Our Kids

Obama sets his sights on public schools as a new source for the holy grail that is increased federal revenue.

In yet another sign of Obama’s idea of stimulating “change” a Utah high school has been fined $15,000 by the federal government. Davis High School in Salt Lake City has been found guilty of a simple mistake that is likely happening all over the nation. Davis high, in compliance new federal babysitting laws, was careful to turn off the school’s lunchroom vending machines for each day’s lunch period but had been forgetting to turn off machines in the school’s book store.

I should apologize at this point for not opening with a cautionary disclaimer as I’m sure I’ve just offended most of you with images of high school students having soda readily available during lunch. But it gets worse…

As a result Davis High is being charged 75 cents per student for the duration of the offense. In an interview with Salt Lake City’s KUTV, Davis High Principal Dee Burton said all told, the massive $15,000 fine will more than consume all of the profits the school has earned on vending sales this year that would otherwise have funded their arts program.

Burton goes on to describe some of the inconsistencies in the federal program whereby students may drink soda and eat whatever in the cafeteria as long as it’s not purchased on school grounds during lunch period. Under the federal law schools may sell Snickers bars and ice cream due to their “nutritional value” and sugar filled sports drinks are still ok but not gum or licorice.

Among the many “unintended consequences” of this heavy handed federal imposition is the concern for the safety of mobs of students who are leaving campus in order to eat what they want before rushing back to school rather than going to the cafeteria for healthier choices as was the stated intent of the law. In addition, Burton says those valuable arts program funds generated by vending sales are falling fast.

Why must we beat ourselves to death with this utter idiocy over and over? The federal government is an absolute curse to nearly everything it touches. Based on their track record of success within the DoE alone this restriction is statistically more likely to increase childhood obesity than reduce it. The reason is simply because government feels the need to touch far more than was ever intended. From nearly destroyed Eco-systems due to environmental protections on non-native species to defunding educational programs  in an attempt to control what children eat, we’re always given some “aww shucks, we didn’t think that was going to happen” crap but I’m no longer buying. When you seek to create a one size fits all mandate on millions of FREE people you had better think long and hard about it and consider ALL potentially harmful side effects. Failure to do so says a great deal about you and your respect for your fellow Americans and their freedom. I think that we the people, the same people who sustain those who burden us with such useless nonsense, should expect our representatives to make a public apology and explain how we’ve come to such miserable, counterproductive consequences so quickly after passing this law. How else can we expect good laws until the ability to say, “It was a good law until the other guy messed with it” is taken from these clowns and someone is forced to admit a mistake?

Obama’s Really, Really, Really Bad Week

Ever Have One Of Those Weeks?

Ever Have One Of Those Weeks?

This week, despite it only being half over has been utterly brutal on President Obama. And in typical fashion, the mainream media is in hyper-drive in their attempts to divert attention and veil the truth. So I’m taking it upon myself to make you aware of some of the stories said media will be diverting from and veiling.

First and foremost on the list of Obamafails this week is the Affordable Care Act. Now one would think that with a liberal justice who has stated her belief that it is her responsibility to socially engineer the nation from the bench and another liberal justice who was a paid advocate for Obamacare as Obama’s Solicitor General prior to her appointment to the high court and yet a third liberal justice who has implied the US Constitution is outdated and should not be used as a model to nations writing their own constitutions today, that getting this issue in front of the court would be a joyous occasion for the administration. Instead we’ve seen the level of incompetence we’ve come to expect from the administration in general in the arguments from the administration’s council. In addition, there’s been a much higher degree of skepticism voiced by the court than I think anyone on the left expected. Of course we won’t know the court’s decision until likely June but it is clear the administration is going into damage control mode based simply on the fact that all nine justices didn’t jump up on the bench, rip off their robes exposing t-shirts with images of a crowned Obama and perform a dance routine while singing the boy king praises. Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest referred to Obamacare today as a “bipartisan plan”. Earnest went on to say that, “The administration remains confident that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional; one of the reasons for that is that the original personal responsibility clause was a conservative idea”. In other words the liberal kids are pinning it on the conservative adults and basically saying, “If conservatives think it is constitutional, it must be so.” While I’m flattered that someone on the left finally admits that we conservatives tend to actually read and understand our founding documents, it doesn’t change the fact that his entire premise is nonsense.

A couple other hits the administration is taking this week include issues in which it appears there will be more congressional subpoenas for Democrats and the administration. The first of which is a report used to justify the Gulf oil moratorium and claims now surfacing that the report was doctored in order to make the case for the shutdown. White House energy advisor Carol Browner and staff are in hot water for rewriting parts of an Interior department report to make it seem as if the 6 month moratorium on Gulf oil production had been supported by the independent panel of experts tasked with reviewing deep water drilling practices following the BP spill. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has admitted to apologizing to the panel after some of its members complained of having been used by the administration for a political end. Regardless how this ends, it won’t undo the 12,000 plus lost jobs in the Gulf nor replace the estimated 1.8 billion dollars lost in the Gulf region since the moratorium.

In addition, subpoenas have been approved and will likely be issued in an attempt to get to the bottom of reports that administration appointees threatened a firm responsible for a report claiming that a new regulation on the coal industry will cost jobs. It has been claimed that said appointees made threats in an attempt to convince the firm first to change its findings and once it was clear that those attempts were in vain, threats were made in an attempt to convince the firm to withhold their findings altogether.

Now if that’s not enough to leave you feeling the president’s pain perhaps Obama’s scheme to tap the strategic oil reserves in an attempt to boost his reelection efforts will. The strategic oil reserves are a jointly held supply of which the US is only 1/28th owner. Obama has lobbied other nations and has so far gotten Great Brittan on board. However, at last check, 25 of the 28 nations involved are against Obama’s proposal to tap the reserves to lower prices. I guess to our European allies, many of whom get a great deal of their oil from the Middle East, helping Obama get reelected pales in importance to keeping the reserve intact while Iran is threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz.

To top things off we had yesterday’s “hot mic” gaff that shed some light on Obama’s intent to continue to weaken our allies and ourselves by selling ourselves to our potential enemies. You can look up any definition of treason you like and Obama’s statement to the Russian president fits 2 of the 3 definitions given.

What a freaking week…and it’s only Wednesday.

Obama or Ob One? President Gives Mind Numbing Press Conference

I just got my head all glued back together after an unfortunate cranial explosion while the president attempted to sell me another full load of fertilizer this morning.

I thought I’d take a few minutes here to respond to a few of Obama’s claims today. These are a few of Obama’s favorite talking points. It’s my firm belief that were we able to put some of this disingenuous rhetoric to bed the president might actually free himself from his victim mentality to the point the he could potentially move a little closer to becoming an effective leader. Yeah, I get it. He should have been a proven effective leader before seeking the office but this is what we’re currently stuck with. So here goes.

  • Obama likes to claim that his jobs bill contains items that have historically seen bipartisan support in Congress. These claims were repeated numerous times today. 

This is classic Obaminizing in that on this particular issue alone the president chooses to ignore the current state of the economy. Don’t come to us begging for yet another half trillion in this economy and expect me to bite simply because you threw a few conservative bones in the bag. What do you not understand about GET CONTROL OF YOUR SPENDING ADDICTION MR. PRESIDENT?

  • On a couple of occasions this morning Obama stated that Republican lawmakers who chose not to vote for his jobs bill will need to explain to him and America why.

First of all, no they don’t need to explain their vote to you your highness. Secondly, I’m quite sure Congressional Republicans have articulated their opposition to your bill quite clearly to the American public. Maybe you should pay closer attention. And most importantly, What about Reid, Schumer and the rest of the Democrats who have also stated they will not vote for the bill? Will they also receive a presidential time-out? Because despite your claims Mr. President, Republicans are welcoming a vote on your bill. We could have had a vote yesterday but your lap dog Harry Reid wouldn’t allow it.  

  • Obama stated this morning that there are too many people currently hurting for government to do nothing.

This is not a matter of Obama’s over intrusive administration doing nothing. Obama has set 30 year records in increased federal regulation, spent more money than any man in history, bailed out CERTAIN banks and auto makers, and attempted to impose his will in nearly every aspect of industry AND our private lives. And if you’ve been listening, though his being elected suggests most of you haven’t been, you know that we’ve just scrapped the surface of Obama’s vision of an America of the government, for the government and by the government.

I would submit, considering the ever worsening state of our economy despite all of these efforts, it may be time to take some advice from anyone who is not advocating the whole “spend our way to prosperity” pipedream. There is a mountain of easily accessible evidence that America wallowed in the Great Depression for 10 years longer than most of the world due to this same approach. Only this time in addition to the out of control spending, we have the massive increases in regulations. Obama hears EVERYDAY that these two factors are responsible for our current lack of recovery yet he refuses to hear it.

  • Obama stated that he has gone out of his way “to work with Republicans to find common ground in every instance”.

On this point I can’t totally fault the president. Though “in every instance” is a bit of a stretch, it’s true that he has made attempts to meet Republicans halfway. However, he leaves out the part about being forced to find common ground at two minutes to midnight after weeks of political gaming. Time and time again, going all the way back to the first two years of the administration when the president enjoyed a Democrat monopoly in Washington this congress has failed to accomplish anything long-term. From the debt ceiling crisis to appropriations crisis to the countless short-term budget extensions we’ve operated under for the past two and a half years this president has done little to unite the nation. The fact is, this president’s radical agenda and an apparent perception by some in congress that Obama’s actions signal a green light to all radical agendas has rendered our entire system impotent. 

The president also conveniently fails to mention the fact that he has used each of those instances to demonize what he likes to refer to as “the party of no” who are in fact responding to the will of their constituency unlike Obama.

  • The president expressed disbelief when he said, “…historically Republicans haven’t been opposed to building roads and bridges, why would they be opposed now?

This one is EASY. We tried that a minute ago. It cost at least three times as much as you’re currently asking for and was a TOTAL failure. Disbelief resolved.

  • He claimed to be behind the trade bills that have sat on his desk since he took office.

This one is self-explanatory.

  • “We’ve always said we would be open to a variety of ways to pay for it (the jobs bill)”

Bullshit. One of the president’s big selling points was that the bill was paid for. Then he came back and tasked other people to figure out how to pay for the bill. Perhaps NOW he’s open to suggestions but that’s not how he originally billed this bill. What ever happened to Obama’s promises of a “pay as you go” administration? Remember when he spoke so eloquently about how American households were well versed in the concept of living within ones means and that congress needed to do the same?

  • “Even ideas that used to be supported by Republicans, if I’m proposing them, suddenly Republicans forget it and they reject it.”

…sniff sniff… I can’t understand why Republicans wouldn’t just take your bait and forget all the little surprises tucked into your proposals.

Then he went on and on and on; over an hour and ten minutes in total of more class warfare rhetoric and his usual blame gaming. On two occasions he went so far as to imply that dissolving the EPA had become a Republican Party platform position. This guy’s lack of accountability and incessant clouding of issues with half-truths and exaggerations could only be rivaled by a very young child.

This guy really wants us to hate each other. Though it is fun to kill some time taking easy shots at his astounding underestimation of the public intellect, this press conference was somewhat disturbing in that nearly everything he said was a distortion of the truth or an utter lie.

It’s been my belief since Obama’s campaign that there were unmistakable similarities between Obama and Hugo Chavez in regard to their views of the role government should play in the lives of the governed. This whole class warfare thing is no different. Chavez rode into office in the arms of the disgruntled poor after making promises of leveling the playing field. Shortly thereafter the wealthy were out on their asses and now the state owns everything. Obama gives every indication that he feels he can do the same thing by mobilizing the poor against the rich. This is perhaps the only area in which he’s been consistent from campaign to now.

Educate yourselves America. Obama’s not rewriting the book on anything. There are examples of Obama’s approach to government throughout history. Some have failed and some have brought misery to millions.      

America Is OFFICIALLY Out of Crisis Mode!

Well, did I call this one or what?

Though not as highly publicized as previous Obama administration crises, in keeping with the whole Obama theme we were again threatened with government shutdown. If you listened closely, and you had to listen really close as apparently even Obama’s media is tiring of the whole “we’re all gonna die unless you give me your money” thing; you may have even heard a few of the same old disingenuous threats of SSI and military pay being interrupted. What we ended up with was another “kick it down the road” measure. Wow, whowoulddathunk?

For the most part I think the administration and their pets in the press have determined that we have crossed over the point at which manufactured doomsday scenarios cease to be effective means by which to create support amongst the people to hand over more of their money.

We’ve entered the “convince the people things are better than they seem and far better than they would have been” stretch of the campaign. A campaign that promises to be as ugly as any we’ve seen.

With one administration black eye after another popping up almost daily from Solyndra to Fast and Furious to virtually everything that comes out of Biden’s mouth and NOTHING in the way substantive, accomplishments on which to run; Obushdidit will once again rear his ugly head. He’ll act like the intellectual child he is and blame everyone else. Congress, Bush, the wealthy and the racists who value our sovereignty will all be demonized. Everyone but the leader of the free world will be expected to accept their “fair share” of the blame. All the while he’ll promise what he hopes is still an ignorant, racist base that if they only give him four more years and support his raping of the US economy of a few trillion more that THIS TIME he’ll really give the money to them.

Has this hack even commented recently on his promise of a couple of years ago that he’d not seek a second term if things were as they currently are after 3 years?

At any rate, this was a pretty easy call as Obama has become a pretty easy and monotonous read.

Obama goes Herlihy Boy On Jobs Speech

"For the love of God, pass the bill!"

Well despite my claims that I would be doing ANYTHING but watching the president’s big, secret jobs speech last night, I did watch. I had to. I was so sure I KNEW what we’d hear in the president’s long awaited speech that I had to see if I were right. Of course I and all those who expected more of the same from our one trick pony president were accurate in our assumptions however, I could have never guessed the laughable angle the president would be taking to make his tired drivel sound new.

Perhaps it’s my ultra-vivid imagination but after the eighth or tenth instance of hearing the president plead with lawmakers to “pass the bill now”, I half expected Biden to jump up and say, “What’s wrong with you people? For the love of all things holy, pass the boy’s bill now!” For anyone unfamiliar with the reference I’ve posted a link to the original. Watch it and you make the call.

Actually, had Biden and Obama done a Farley/Sandler routine it may have played well for the president as it would have been the only new and unexpected aspect of Obama’s typical “Obaminizing”. As was expected by most, Obama’s big plan to FINALLY create jobs and stimulate the economy is in fact Obama’s old plan to create jobs and stimulate the economy. Thirty-three minutes of road construction, calls for the wealthy to “pay their fair share” (which is apparently some unknown percentage of income as opposed to a shared personal responsibility to pay for basic, essential government services), and downplaying the crippling economic effects of the staggering level of new federal regulations enacted to pacify big donors and special interests. For all the pomp and glitz surrounding this jobs plan, it turned out to be as big a waste of time. Broad, generic suggestions largely centered on short-term construction jobs that will eventually end leaving the beneficiaries in the same position they’re in now. The only difference will be that the national debt will likely be pushing $20 trillion the next time the US has to borrow or “create” money to extend their unemployment benefits.

This “big f-ing deal” as Uncle Joe might put it, was a campaign speech detailing the predictable course of things to come and laying the groundwork to make that course possible. Who wouldn’t expect Obama to campaign on his index finger; pointing it at everyone but himself that is?

Obama has absolutely nothing in the way of success to tout going into this campaign; no, not even the killing of Bin Laden. That came about as a result of intelligence gathering going back to the Bush administration. All Obama had to do with anything was making the decision to go or not to go once presented with the intelligence. In my opinion, this executive decision was as much a no brainer as getting up and getting dressed. With this record of failure, the same kind of record Obama promised would lead to him NOT seeking a second term, all the man can do is what he’s always done, play the blame game.

In that respect, this speech is being considered a success by the Whitehouse today. Clearly, they’re sure the American people are still so stupid as to see Obama’s opponents as the villains for refusing to go even further on a proven failed path. This is in fact the platform of Obama’s campaign which started on the “black bus from hell” tour and continued last night. More disingenuous claims of Republicans being “the party of no”, more repulsive claims of domestic terrorism toward the Tea Party, and more insulting statements like, “Well, things could be worse”.

Some have questioned the intelligence of Texas governor Rick Perry in the media recently. It’s funny those kinds of claims can so quickly be made of a governor few knew much about until a few weeks ago. Yet, in the case of a man whose claims over the past two and a half years have so often assumed the ignorance of his audience they see utter genius.  

Solyndra: Obama’s Standard For the Future

"Sounds good to me. It's not my money anyway."

 The Fremont, CA solar cell manufacturer made famous by a visit and endorsement from the president in 2010 announced last week that they were broke. Solyndra has announced they are ceasing operations and that their 1,100 employees would be laid off immediately.

Solyndra gained national attention in 2010 when it became the first so-called green company to receive a federal loan guarantee via the stimulus. Shortly after winning the loan, Solyndra was blessed with a visit from the president during which Obama presented Solyndra as evidence of the administration’s commitment to green energy not to mention job creation. The Department of Energy claimed the massive $535 billion loan would create 3,000 construction jobs for as long as it took to build the facility after which there would be 1,000 permanent jobs created by Solyndra.

The Office of Management and Budget had strong misgivings in offering the loan to Solyndra. The OMB as well as Solyndra’s auditors voiced concerns over the company’s ability to compete globally a mere two months prior to the president visiting the company. Despite clear indications that Solyndra was a bad investment, the administration pushed to have the loan approved. A short time after securing the loan, Solyndra cancelled its scheduled public offering of company stock and announced the closing of its old facility. Despite the writing on the wall, the DOE was so sure of Solyndra’s future success that they restructured the loan this past March.

All of this got the attention of congressional lawmakers as well as the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Cliff Sterns (R-FL) started an investigation months ago that has turned up some interesting facts. Congressman Sterns and the committee investigating the treasury’s backing of the Solyndra loan were forced to submit a subpoena on July 14th after months of their requests for information being ignored.

Though the administration has obstructed the committee’s investigation since the beginning, it has been made clear that the DOE and the OMB were aware of the Whitehouse’s interest in securing the Solyndra loan. It’s also been revealed that there were several communications between the Whitehouse and the DOE and OMB during the course of their review of Solyndra and that the Whitehouse monitored the entire process. In addition, and possibly tying everything together, it’s been found that a major campaign donor and donation bundler from Obama’s 2008 campaign, George Kaiser,  is one of Solyndra’s major investors.

Today, it’s being reported that the FBI has raided Solyndra’s Fremont offices. I’ve already heard one pundit claim he believes this is an attempt to secure documentation to be used against Solyndra in a lawsuit which will attempt to get the people’s half a billion back. However, if this is the case the whole thing is for show as the HECC’s investigation has also uncovered that the government agreed to have subsequent private investors in Solyndra paid back before the government can hope to see anything.

It’s also being reported today that the administration is set to guarantee another $425 billion in loans to two new solar companies.

Even if you support so-called stimulus money being spent on so-called green jobs, wouldn’t it be better to have the recipients fully vetted and only those most likely to succeed be granted the loans? Once again, Obama has used our money to line the pockets of his political allies as opposed to helping those who contributed the money.

The announcement of more federally backed loans for solar companies is likely nothing more than a smoke screen intended to take the focus off the irregularities surrounding the Solyndra loan. In essence, the president is willing to waste another half billion in an after-the-fact attempt to appear objective and truly dedicated to green industry, as opposed to simply picking whose going to get our money.