Obama’s Really, Really, Really Bad Week

Ever Have One Of Those Weeks?

Ever Have One Of Those Weeks?

This week, despite it only being half over has been utterly brutal on President Obama. And in typical fashion, the mainream media is in hyper-drive in their attempts to divert attention and veil the truth. So I’m taking it upon myself to make you aware of some of the stories said media will be diverting from and veiling.

First and foremost on the list of Obamafails this week is the Affordable Care Act. Now one would think that with a liberal justice who has stated her belief that it is her responsibility to socially engineer the nation from the bench and another liberal justice who was a paid advocate for Obamacare as Obama’s Solicitor General prior to her appointment to the high court and yet a third liberal justice who has implied the US Constitution is outdated and should not be used as a model to nations writing their own constitutions today, that getting this issue in front of the court would be a joyous occasion for the administration. Instead we’ve seen the level of incompetence we’ve come to expect from the administration in general in the arguments from the administration’s council. In addition, there’s been a much higher degree of skepticism voiced by the court than I think anyone on the left expected. Of course we won’t know the court’s decision until likely June but it is clear the administration is going into damage control mode based simply on the fact that all nine justices didn’t jump up on the bench, rip off their robes exposing t-shirts with images of a crowned Obama and perform a dance routine while singing the boy king praises. Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest referred to Obamacare today as a “bipartisan plan”. Earnest went on to say that, “The administration remains confident that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional; one of the reasons for that is that the original personal responsibility clause was a conservative idea”. In other words the liberal kids are pinning it on the conservative adults and basically saying, “If conservatives think it is constitutional, it must be so.” While I’m flattered that someone on the left finally admits that we conservatives tend to actually read and understand our founding documents, it doesn’t change the fact that his entire premise is nonsense.

A couple other hits the administration is taking this week include issues in which it appears there will be more congressional subpoenas for Democrats and the administration. The first of which is a report used to justify the Gulf oil moratorium and claims now surfacing that the report was doctored in order to make the case for the shutdown. White House energy advisor Carol Browner and staff are in hot water for rewriting parts of an Interior department report to make it seem as if the 6 month moratorium on Gulf oil production had been supported by the independent panel of experts tasked with reviewing deep water drilling practices following the BP spill. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has admitted to apologizing to the panel after some of its members complained of having been used by the administration for a political end. Regardless how this ends, it won’t undo the 12,000 plus lost jobs in the Gulf nor replace the estimated 1.8 billion dollars lost in the Gulf region since the moratorium.

In addition, subpoenas have been approved and will likely be issued in an attempt to get to the bottom of reports that administration appointees threatened a firm responsible for a report claiming that a new regulation on the coal industry will cost jobs. It has been claimed that said appointees made threats in an attempt to convince the firm first to change its findings and once it was clear that those attempts were in vain, threats were made in an attempt to convince the firm to withhold their findings altogether.

Now if that’s not enough to leave you feeling the president’s pain perhaps Obama’s scheme to tap the strategic oil reserves in an attempt to boost his reelection efforts will. The strategic oil reserves are a jointly held supply of which the US is only 1/28th owner. Obama has lobbied other nations and has so far gotten Great Brittan on board. However, at last check, 25 of the 28 nations involved are against Obama’s proposal to tap the reserves to lower prices. I guess to our European allies, many of whom get a great deal of their oil from the Middle East, helping Obama get reelected pales in importance to keeping the reserve intact while Iran is threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz.

To top things off we had yesterday’s “hot mic” gaff that shed some light on Obama’s intent to continue to weaken our allies and ourselves by selling ourselves to our potential enemies. You can look up any definition of treason you like and Obama’s statement to the Russian president fits 2 of the 3 definitions given.

What a freaking week…and it’s only Wednesday.

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