A win for Christians and The Constitution

I’m reading an Associated Press article via Yahoo reporting on a San Antonio school district that appealed a federal judge’s decision to ban
prayer at a Medina school district graduation ceremony. Check it out here: http://beta.news.yahoo.com/apnewsbreak-court-lifts-ban-graduation-prayer-214401289.html

To be honest, I’m somewhat stunned at what I’ve just read. It seems the rights of Christians to pray in public have actually been upheld in this case. I say it’s about time there were an instance in which the religious freedoms of a Christian were actually considered.

There’s not much to dispute in that the vast majority of these cases end up with the Christian being screwed over through the twisting of Constitutional rights meant to ensure the freedoms of ALL Americans.

Though I’m sure there have been a few radical exceptions, I can’t remember a single instance in which public prayer by any other faith had been protested by Christians. Going further, I can’t recall an instance when any other faith has protested Christian prayer in public. The problems always seem to come from the agnostics and atheists who inexplicably direct all their scrutiny toward Christians.

Ok, I get it and that’s fine. Honestly, I have no stake in the issue either way other than the fact that the utter idiocy of the claims of the protesters tends to insult my intelligence and their whole “whiney” demeanor repulses me. But I can’t find a shred of credibility in the incessant cries of “unconstitutionality” concerning all things Christian while some of these same intellectual children seek to promote all other forms of faith and spirituality at all costs.

I simply can’t understand why we, the American people, allow these pathetic little cry baby Christ haters to dictate our Constitutional rights to us.

The Constitution of the United States of America never states but does imply a separation between religion and the state. Meaning the two are to remain separate entities. Nowhere does The Constitution imply the state’s right to infringe upon the free practice of worship for those with whom you simply disagree. In fact the entire document is dedicated to outlining our unique American freedoms and informing the government that those liberties are off limits to their meddling.

If a hell of a lot of us don’t figure out how this whole freedom thing was intended to work we WILL lose it. Anyone so ignorant as to think that only the Christians or gun owners or those with whom they disagree on a particular social issue will be stripped of their rights, are not only a detriment to the survival of freedom in America but also sadly mistaken.

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