Obama’s Billion Dollar Circus

"Hurry hurry hurry. Step right up and give me the rest of your money."

The Obama campaign machine is shifting into full “win em back” mode with a closed-door push for donor recruitment. The administration is putting special emphasis on winning back big-dollar donors who have been disappointed with the “change” their 2008 donations bought them. Of course the administration in getting this several month head start on campaigning as opposed to past campaigns is doing plenty to milk the general public of whatever spare change they have left in Obama’s economy. And they’re going about it in some interesting ways.


In one attempt to suck $5/schlep from the suffering US taxpayers, Obama’s campaign has devised a raffle of sorts where each $5 donor wins a chance at having dinner
with the president. In a video seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idN06LgizUw&feature=player_embedded that was created in the president’s
tax payer funded living space in the White House, the president makes “a big
announcement about the contest”. Apparently your $5 could now win you a
dinner with “Barak and Joe”. This is the cheapest, nastiest, most classless act
we’ve seen from this administration since Mrs. Obama hosted her Chicago ghetto
thug rapper friend at a White House poetry event. However, beyond the obvious
idiocy of this lottery for the still hopeful and broke, it’s quite possible this tasteless scheme is illegal. Regulations prohibit anyone, including sitting presidents from generating campaign funds on federal property. Of course the administration is currently attempting to make a distinction between the federally funded White House and the sitting president’s living space. This is even worse than the Clinton era Lincoln bedroom scandal. Unlike Clinton’s tasteless fundraising technique Obama is making a point to milk the poor and middle-class in hopes of generating millions of $5 dollar donations from people he’s done little to help in his two years in office. Well, nothing aside from trading endless federal handouts for our jobs.

Obama campaign officials report that so far they’ve generated far more small donations than they had by this same stage in the 2008 campaign. Personally I see the higher number of smaller donors a direct effect of there being a much higher number of Americans who cannot afford to be big donors.


The White House is not stopping with the dream date with Barak and Joe raffle. In fact that whole scheme is but an attempt to make a big pile of small potatoes. For the
“more distinguished” donor, Obama is offering access to top administration
officials from White House Chief of Staff William M. Daley to the White House

Daley is reported to have spent the past several weeks in dinners and breakfast meetings with Wall Street and business leaders in frantic attempts to smooth over the
ruffled feathers of high roller 2008 donors who feel they were snubbed by the
president after Obama got their money.

Of course, who could blame them? Many of these big donors have taken huge financial hits due to Obama’s anti-corporate/anti-industry/anti-job policies and regulations.
Many others, as in the case of the banking executives and Wall Street financiers, were specifically demonized by the administration for the financial collapse as well as their actions after receiving federal bailout money.


From gay rights groups angered by Obama’s broken campaign promises regarding gay
marriage and what they see as inadequate funding for aids research and treatment, to Jewish groups upset with Obama’s disrespectful treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu and clearly uneducated approach to Middle Eastern policy, to the Wall Street big wigs to the poor drones still waiting for Obama to pay their bills. Obama’s White House promises free access to his administration for anyone willing to pay and in the case of most of us, if we’re lucky enough to win that one chance to be heard.


The hypocrisy of Obama and his administration, though something we’ve come to
expect, continues to reach new lows. After campaigning in 2008 on “change” and free
access of the people to their government, specifically railing against big money buying influence in Washington, we now see that was all simply “campaign talk”. It’s quite clear at this point that virtually everything Obama said while campaigning is subject to and will change based on the opinion of the crowd he’s currently reading to.

A Marist poll out today has America’s disapproval of Obama’s handling of the economy at a record 58%. America is waking up to the fact that the Euro-socialist utopian dream is unsustainable. The images of the far left “cradle to grave” entitlement supporters in Greece burning their country to the ground as handouts from the bankrupt government dry up provide a frightening glimpse of one result of Obama’s brand of “change”. Obama’s solution to waging a successful campaign despite his dismal record is to simply out campaign any and all opposition. Despite White House officials’ recent attempts to play down speculation that the administration will spend over a billion dollars to keep their grip on the steering wheel for an additional four years, the campaign is hoping to have raised at least $60 million by this Thursday and admits they will spend in excess of $745 million. So what’s another $255 million to a man with 300,000,000 people picking up all his bills?

There’s little doubt now that Obama’s brand of change was nothing more than a heavy
handed socialist agenda to be forced on a nation he considered to be “arrogant” and in dire need of “fundamental change”. The only  question remaining on the Obama mistake is will America be so naïve as to make it twice.

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