China Storms Pakistan: Where Are The US Dollars?

It was reported over the weekend that our friends and allies in the war on terror in Pakistan did exactly what I knew and predicted they would.  Pakistan has reportedly allowed the Chinese a peek at the tail section of the “stealth” Blackhawk they recovered after the Seal Team 6 raid which killed Osama Bin Laden during which the craft crashed. Not only did the Chinese muscle their way in for a closer look, but it’s also being reported that the Chinese stole pieces of the classified stealth skin of the newly engineered chopper from our Pakistani friends.

It’s clear to me that the Pakistani “pretend to need $1 billion US dollars to help us kill the terrorists you’re actually hiding from us” aid package is in dire need of Obama’s money shovel.

Maybe if we could have taken action while there was still time and initiated a Pakistani “pretend to need $1 trillion US dollars to help us kill the terrorists you’re actually hiding from us” aid package the Pakis could have kept the Chinese at bay.

I’m sure the poor little Pakis put up one hell of a fight but just didn’t have enough US dollars to weather the storm. When will we learn to reach out and help our friends?


Here’s my advice for the next time something like this happens in Pakistan.

First, napalm a perimeter around the site; two miles from the site should suffice.  Next send in kill teams to dump everything moving inside the perimeter. Next, fortify the perimeter, get a carrier rolling up to the Paki coast and if “Pakistani authorities” so much as squeak, remind them that we already have subs in the Indian Ocean and that if they don’t stand down we’ll melt them where they sit. Then we take all the time we need to collect our things.

After that we grab our classified material and fly out. We can deduct the cost of the operation from next year’s billion in wasted aid.