The Debt Ceiling Non-Issue

"Don't give me that dismal economy crap. You all have more money for me and I know it."

In a HuffPo interview earlier this week, Delaware Senator Chris Coons stated that he has been involved with a group of lawmakers currently looking into some creative interpretation of the 14th Amendment. The group is hoping to find Constitutional grounds on which in the event of a nay vote from Congress on increasing the debt ceiling, Obama and the Treasury could simply ignore the vote and continue paying the bills as usual.  


In every way this is great news for Republicans and a foolish move on the part of Democrats hoping to convince the American public that any lapse in funding or payments from the federal government will be the fault of Republican lawmakers.

Top Democrats and Republicans alike have said that the debt ceiling will be raised. That fact is not being debated.

What is at issue here are the tax increases Obama and Democrats want so badly. In its simplest form, what the president and his supporters in Congress are saying they want is the ability to go further into debt as a nation in addition to more tax dollars in their hands.

In contrast, the Republicans also want the ability to go further into debt as a nation however; Republican leaders are claiming they will not vote to raise the debt ceiling if there are increased taxes on “any Americans” tied to the bill. The reasoning given by Republicans for their hardline stance is that raising taxes on anyone in this dismal economy would be counterproductive to stimulating recovery. Perhaps it’s just me and all Congressional Republicans, but something in that reasoning seems to make a hell of a lot of sense.


Right out of the gate one has to question what Obama has planned for the increased tax revenue he’s demanding. If the critical issue at hand is raising the debt limit and if Congress is willing to do that and if this increase will keep the current bills paid, why is Obama seemingly making increased federal tax revenue as important as our continued ability to pay our bills? Could it be that our arrogant failed president is so confident he’ll serve two terms that he’s already laying the ground work to generate the financing for even more massive Euro-socialist spending? Obama gives his hand away as he insists on increased federal revenue as a part of reducing spending. Are we to believe that Obama’s intent is to open a federal savings account or tuck the increased revenue into a piggy bank and save it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have an American president with enough respect for the country’s collective intelligence to NOT assume they can go on contradicting common sense as well as their own past statement and no one will notice?



My advice to Delaware Senator Coons and whoever else is looking into this would be to hurry up and do whatever creative interpretation of the 14th Amendment is necessary because this sounds GREAT to me. If this group of lawmakers is successful in making the case that having a debt limit effectually “questions” the “validity” of the US debt, they will have created an out for Republicans and some Congressional Democrats against raising taxes, whereby they can vote down anything with tax increases tied to it as they have vowed to do. At the same time, the president will step up, as always, to point the finger at Republicans and bill himself as a national hero in that his people found a loophole with which we can continue food inspections and funding the National Weather Service.

Let the Democrats continue to demand more taxes be rolled into the increased debt limit, let the Republicans continue to refuse to raise the debt ceiling if it means increasing taxes, and let the president step up and force the raised debt limit.

Democrats can get the increased virtual money to throw around while the Republicans can feel they’re at least trying to slow Obama’s out of control spending by keeping tax dollars in tax payers’ hands. Any new Obamified interpretation of the Constitution will come without the tax increases the president is demanding. Rather than living up to Mark Halperin’s assessment, Obama could finally make good on his promises to bring the parties together to get things done.

Sounds like a win/win to me.

Too bad Obama’s wins always seem dependent on the losses of others.