From The Editor: Up Coming “Stuff”

Ok, so I’ve not been keeping up with the “timely updates” claim of my site heading as of late. Unfortunately, the kids starting back to school and my oldest son heading off to college are the least of my writing issues lately. Granted, I have been quite busy but I have still found time to write. The problem is the time I have found has been so limited and erratic so as to only allow time for research and notes OR writing PART of an article. In addition, I’ve started a series of articles chronicling The American Revolution which will be posted here on “Some Stuff”, however not until I have enough of a head start to ensure I can release a new article every couple of days for the duration of the series. I’m thinking another week before I start publishing these…if all goes well.

At any rate, I’ve been hella ADD lately and have several unfinished articles from the past few weeks that though not as current as I would have liked I will be posting.

Getting back to my current work on The American Revolution; this labor of love came about as a result of the many conversations I’ve had with my oldest son on the subject as well as my own belief that most Americans are either misinformed or entirely uninformed in regard to the founding of this greatest of nations. At this point I have decided to focus less on the battles and more on the demographics and politics of the time both here and in England. As I write this I’ve already written one article entirely devoted to Lexington and Concord and the subsequent carnage Gage’s troops endured as they attempted to make their way back to Boston. However, aside from the pivotal battles I’m steering clear or I fear I’d never finish. One of my motives in writing the series is to set the record straight on things like rebel and loyalist sentiment, the truth on the whole “taxation without representation” exaggeration and to shed some light on the near civil war raging inside of English Parliament over the colonies leading up to the declaration. The difficulty is in getting my point to fit into 500-700 word articles. It’s simply not possible in some cases.

So, what was intended to be a quick post to explain why some of my upcoming articles may seem a bit out of date has quickly turned into over 400 words. I hope you all keep reading and check out this Revolutionary War series hopefully next week.

See ya!