Obama or Ob One? President Gives Mind Numbing Press Conference

I just got my head all glued back together after an unfortunate cranial explosion while the president attempted to sell me another full load of fertilizer this morning.

I thought I’d take a few minutes here to respond to a few of Obama’s claims today. These are a few of Obama’s favorite talking points. It’s my firm belief that were we able to put some of this disingenuous rhetoric to bed the president might actually free himself from his victim mentality to the point the he could potentially move a little closer to becoming an effective leader. Yeah, I get it. He should have been a proven effective leader before seeking the office but this is what we’re currently stuck with. So here goes.

  • Obama likes to claim that his jobs bill contains items that have historically seen bipartisan support in Congress. These claims were repeated numerous times today. 

This is classic Obaminizing in that on this particular issue alone the president chooses to ignore the current state of the economy. Don’t come to us begging for yet another half trillion in this economy and expect me to bite simply because you threw a few conservative bones in the bag. What do you not understand about GET CONTROL OF YOUR SPENDING ADDICTION MR. PRESIDENT?

  • On a couple of occasions this morning Obama stated that Republican lawmakers who chose not to vote for his jobs bill will need to explain to him and America why.

First of all, no they don’t need to explain their vote to you your highness. Secondly, I’m quite sure Congressional Republicans have articulated their opposition to your bill quite clearly to the American public. Maybe you should pay closer attention. And most importantly, What about Reid, Schumer and the rest of the Democrats who have also stated they will not vote for the bill? Will they also receive a presidential time-out? Because despite your claims Mr. President, Republicans are welcoming a vote on your bill. We could have had a vote yesterday but your lap dog Harry Reid wouldn’t allow it.  

  • Obama stated this morning that there are too many people currently hurting for government to do nothing.

This is not a matter of Obama’s over intrusive administration doing nothing. Obama has set 30 year records in increased federal regulation, spent more money than any man in history, bailed out CERTAIN banks and auto makers, and attempted to impose his will in nearly every aspect of industry AND our private lives. And if you’ve been listening, though his being elected suggests most of you haven’t been, you know that we’ve just scrapped the surface of Obama’s vision of an America of the government, for the government and by the government.

I would submit, considering the ever worsening state of our economy despite all of these efforts, it may be time to take some advice from anyone who is not advocating the whole “spend our way to prosperity” pipedream. There is a mountain of easily accessible evidence that America wallowed in the Great Depression for 10 years longer than most of the world due to this same approach. Only this time in addition to the out of control spending, we have the massive increases in regulations. Obama hears EVERYDAY that these two factors are responsible for our current lack of recovery yet he refuses to hear it.

  • Obama stated that he has gone out of his way “to work with Republicans to find common ground in every instance”.

On this point I can’t totally fault the president. Though “in every instance” is a bit of a stretch, it’s true that he has made attempts to meet Republicans halfway. However, he leaves out the part about being forced to find common ground at two minutes to midnight after weeks of political gaming. Time and time again, going all the way back to the first two years of the administration when the president enjoyed a Democrat monopoly in Washington this congress has failed to accomplish anything long-term. From the debt ceiling crisis to appropriations crisis to the countless short-term budget extensions we’ve operated under for the past two and a half years this president has done little to unite the nation. The fact is, this president’s radical agenda and an apparent perception by some in congress that Obama’s actions signal a green light to all radical agendas has rendered our entire system impotent. 

The president also conveniently fails to mention the fact that he has used each of those instances to demonize what he likes to refer to as “the party of no” who are in fact responding to the will of their constituency unlike Obama.

  • The president expressed disbelief when he said, “…historically Republicans haven’t been opposed to building roads and bridges, why would they be opposed now?

This one is EASY. We tried that a minute ago. It cost at least three times as much as you’re currently asking for and was a TOTAL failure. Disbelief resolved.

  • He claimed to be behind the trade bills that have sat on his desk since he took office.

This one is self-explanatory.

  • “We’ve always said we would be open to a variety of ways to pay for it (the jobs bill)”

Bullshit. One of the president’s big selling points was that the bill was paid for. Then he came back and tasked other people to figure out how to pay for the bill. Perhaps NOW he’s open to suggestions but that’s not how he originally billed this bill. What ever happened to Obama’s promises of a “pay as you go” administration? Remember when he spoke so eloquently about how American households were well versed in the concept of living within ones means and that congress needed to do the same?

  • “Even ideas that used to be supported by Republicans, if I’m proposing them, suddenly Republicans forget it and they reject it.”

…sniff sniff… I can’t understand why Republicans wouldn’t just take your bait and forget all the little surprises tucked into your proposals.

Then he went on and on and on; over an hour and ten minutes in total of more class warfare rhetoric and his usual blame gaming. On two occasions he went so far as to imply that dissolving the EPA had become a Republican Party platform position. This guy’s lack of accountability and incessant clouding of issues with half-truths and exaggerations could only be rivaled by a very young child.

This guy really wants us to hate each other. Though it is fun to kill some time taking easy shots at his astounding underestimation of the public intellect, this press conference was somewhat disturbing in that nearly everything he said was a distortion of the truth or an utter lie.

It’s been my belief since Obama’s campaign that there were unmistakable similarities between Obama and Hugo Chavez in regard to their views of the role government should play in the lives of the governed. This whole class warfare thing is no different. Chavez rode into office in the arms of the disgruntled poor after making promises of leveling the playing field. Shortly thereafter the wealthy were out on their asses and now the state owns everything. Obama gives every indication that he feels he can do the same thing by mobilizing the poor against the rich. This is perhaps the only area in which he’s been consistent from campaign to now.

Educate yourselves America. Obama’s not rewriting the book on anything. There are examples of Obama’s approach to government throughout history. Some have failed and some have brought misery to millions.