Laura Ingraham Leaves Charles Rangel Stuttering

"Uh, duh, ur pretty"

I just saw the best O’Reilly segment I’ve seen in quite some time. Laura Ingraham was host for Bill and interviewed NY Congressman Charles Rangel. Apparently Obama’s comment on his campaign bus tour the other day that it’s “too early to be campaigning” was the starting gun for the Democratic campaign machine. Therefore, Charlie is once again throwing himself on the scene.

Rangel was on the show to take issue with FL Congressman Allan West’s claims of “this 21st century plantation that has been out there, where the Democrat party has forever taken the black vote for granted.” As well as West’s claims that certain black leaders “…who are nothing more than the overseers of that plantation”.

Rangel started off by attempting to “school” Congressman West when he said, “I know he’s new, he’s a freshman…” After that Rangel implied that West was simply attempting to get TV time for a boost in the upcoming elections.

Then Congressman Rangel made this interesting statement regarding Allan West, “He doesn’t come from a political party that can ridicule plantations and that type of thing”. Laura was quick to take issue with the statement and Rangel was immediately on the squirm.

Rangel spent the next five minutes taking issue with Ingraham’s asking the same questions several different ways due to his refusal to answer. The question was simple; have the policies of the Democrats and the war on poverty in particular been beneficial to black Americans. Rangel sighed and winced in audible pain each time Ingraham rephrased the question giving factual context each time. Rangel finally shouted “HECK NO!” when Ingraham had condensed the question to, “Has the Obama administration helped black Americans?” In perfect lockstep with Obama doctrine, Rangel blamed the previous administration for what Democrats clearly consider to have been an unmanageable situation. Too bad they didn’t realize that earlier and pull their guy from the race.

At one point we got to see the second case in a week of a liberal gaff that would have likely ended any conservative political career when Rangel accused O’Reilly of using Ingraham as a “secret weapon” in that Ingraham was a “pretty girl”. Ingraham brushed it off as no liberal pundit could have and I’m quite sure she’ll not be suing anyone over the ULTRA-SEXIST comment.

From there it went on and on predictably with Ingraham getting no straight answers without ass-loads of blame-gaming excuses. Rangel cited “two unpaid for wars” and a “massive deficit” as reasons for Obama, with a filibuster proof Senate and control of the House for two years got nothing done to benefit black Americans. And in one final bit of hilarity Rangel rationalized conservative wins in the 2010 midterms by saying, “there was an assumption that Republicans would put the country above their politics”. So apparently Rangel is ok with the implication that the country had given up on Democrats in that respect.  

It’s clear that Charlie went on O’Reilly to correct a “freshman” black congressman’s honest assessment AND to get that all important face time. I so love that Laura squashed his intended purpose of campaigning with some simple, direct and largely unanswerable questions.