Nun Killed By Drunk Driver: Obama’s Enemies Pay

Despite the trademark under the rug sweep we’ve come to expect from the media in regard to anything that might shed some light on who our current president really is, you may remember an instance not long ago when Obama raised a call to “punish our enemies”. The war cry went out during a radio interview in which the president attempted to fire up Latino voters prior to the 2010 midterms. During the interview which aired on Univision, Obama implied that there would be no immigration reform if Latino voters didn’t, “punish our enemies and reward our friends…” in the upcoming midterms.

Well, it seems we now have confirmation of an “enemy” paying dearly for this administration’s negligent immigration policy and I’m curious as to how Latino Americans feel about it.

Prince William County, Virginia authorities have filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security over DHS’s failure to comply with two requests for documents under the Freedom of Information Act. County authorities filed the requests after suspicion was raised over how DHS was handling the over 4,000 illegal immigrants the county had turned over to the department for deportation. The suspicions were raised when in 2010 an illegal immigrant named Carlos Martinelly Montano was arrested and charged with killing a Benedictine Nun while Montano was driving drunk. Once Montano was in custody, a search of police records revealed that Montano had a previous drunk driving charge. At the time of Montano’s first drunk driving incident, he was also identified as an illegal immigrant and subsequently turned over to DHS for deportation. In looking closer at Montano’s records it was discovered that after he was handed over to be deported, DHS gave him an employment authorization card and released him making it possible for him to kill an American citizen.

Despite the federal government’s hands being covered in this woman’s blood, you can bet there is not a single soul in Washington who will lose a wink of sleep over this tragedy. Big Sis will suddenly go “public school teacher” on the nation with the lack of accountability she’s willing to take for the job she’s done. Obama will jump up and tout his “record” number of deportations despite his recent announcement that only illegals with prior criminal records will be deported going forward. A policy change that will effectively cut the number of deportations we can expect in half.

So getting back to my question; I wonder how Latino Americans feel about this woman’s death. How do you all feel about all the legal Americans who are victimized by illegals every day? Are they all accepted losses in the war against America’s sovereignty? And while I have your attention Latino immigrants, how do you justify the utter lack of respect for America’s immigration policy in your community after so many of you have used the proper means by which to become American?

Everything the left says about “immigration reform” has to do with rewarding criminals in hopes of buying their votes. Who is willing to take responsibility for a Nun killed by an illegal immigrant after the federal government turned a blind eye to the laws they are entrusted to uphold? And with Prince William County, VA claiming that many of the 4,000 illegals they’ve turned over to DHS for deportation were also criminals, how long until another “enemy” is forced to pay?