Can Someone Please Tell Obama To Stop “Creating Jobs”?

"I've got your damn jobs but I need a break from all my hard work first!"

The latest from the president on the job front came on Tuesday as to the shock of the nation, Obama claimed to have a job plan that he would be unveiling in September. However, before he bothers with us little folk and our annoying little hunger and poverty issues, he’s off to Martha’s Vineyard for another well-earned vacation.

I’ve heard and read a lot of complaints over Obama’s decision to wait to roll out his master jobs plan however; I’m not among the disappointed. I get that the nation is hurting and needs help now but as I’m quite sure the president’s plan will do little to affect job creation, I can wait. The fact is, I would be much happier as I’m sure Obama would, if he were to wait until NEXT September to roll out his jobs plan. He’d be happier because everyone knows he’s gonna need all the help he can get to look competent and constructive going into the election, I’d be happier because I pay attention and therefore know what to expect of this big secret plan.

Obama’s approach to government is one that considers government to be an essential force in every aspect of the lives of the governed. Obama has no time or concern for the free market principles that have push the United States into a position of leading the free world. That’s exactly why we’ve heard over and over his countless unfulfilled promises to create jobs that have resulted in nothing more than increased national debt.

The president on one hand talks a good game on creating jobs while the paralyzing regulatory atmosphere his policies have created has all but ensured continued economic stagnancy. Herein lies the problem. It’s not the responsibility of the federal government to employ the American people. It is however the responsibility of a competent leader to ensure his actions are not counter-productive to an economy starving for some relief.

Obama’s focus should be on creating a business friendly atmosphere in America. Rather than the same old calls to tax the rich, spend trillions more in stimulus and a pseudo nationalist concept of creating short term construction jobs, the president should take a look at his administration’s 30 year record federal regulation in FY2010 and the obvious dismal effects.

Please get out of the “job creation” business Obama. You have no prior experience doing so, job creation IS NOT the responsibility of federal government and it should be clear to you by now that your approach is only making things worse.

Obama could send IRS thugs to the home of each and every millionaire in American to take all they have and he’d still not foster an environment where increased private profits are reinvested in growth. American business is holding on to all it currently has because we know this administration’s intent is to find a way to take it.

5 Responses

  1. Are you suggesting that big government is an issue?

  2. Well, yeah.
    But as you put it that way it’s clear I wasted a ton of words in doing so. 🙂

  3. So do you think the GOP’s plan to lower corporate taxes to 0% will entice manufacturers to come back to the USA? Also the problem with big government is that it’s very hard to shrink it.

    • Thanks for the question Alan.

      I don’t believe eliminating the corporate tax entirely is a base position of the GOP thought it has been mentioned by some. Personally I don’t believe corporate taxes at the fed level should ever exceed 19.5%. Keep in mind, this leaves plenty of room for the punitive effect Democrats like to see taxes have on corporations as the states, counties and localities will always take their “fair share” as well.

      The real issue currently impeding recovery as I see it is the crippling regulation the federal government has poisoned our “free” market with. The amount of federal regulation decreased in each of the eight years Reagan was in office. Since then new regulation has sky rocketed, specifically under the current administration. FY 2010’s 43 pieces of “substantial” regulation, those costing over 100 million dollars, is a record not seen since the Carter administration.

      Many of 2010’s new regulations were not required to provide cost analysis prior to consideration. In the case of the EPA, due to earlier regulations, consideration and inclusion of cost estimates in their recommendations is forbidden. But of those major new regulations that did post projected costs, 2010’s new regulations are slated to cost a record $26.5 billion dollars. Again, this does not include any new regulations projected at under $100 million nor any of the new EPA requirements which were massive and sweeping.

      As I stated in another blog, it’s not the federal government’s responsibility to employ the American people. Obama can’t seem to wrap his head around this fact despite his background in Constitutional Law…I know, astounding isn’t it.
      It is however the responsibility of a good American leader in a bad economy to do what they can to foster recovery. This is not accomplished by incessantly jacking around with raising taxes and regulating businesses out of their profits.

      What is needed is for the federal government is a business friendly atmosphere and the assurance that it will last. After that the federal government needs to get out of the way and allow our markets to work. No more bails outs, no more “economic engineering” via redistribution.

  4. As far as getting American business back in America Alan, I believe it’s as simple as some balance in our trade agreements as well as abolishing some of the tax incentives that discourage doing business locally.

    I heard Obama on his “not a campaign” bus tour say “we need to get some of these trade agreements signed.” As always, he talks a good game while he’s shut down drilling in the Gulf and tells Brazil “we want to be your best customer” in regard to oil. What he should be doing is focusing on some REAL trade reform that benefits the US as opposed to EVERYONE ELSE. He needs to get some real economic experts involved that don’t have political favors to pay back and who see nothing embarrassing about putting America first in their negotiations.

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