Republican Pulls A Page From Democrats’ Playbook

Despite my “slight” leaning to the right, I’m no drone and I’m not so interested in the letter next to a politician’s name that I’m incapable of calling them as I see them. In the case of Republican congressman Steve Chabot of Ohio’s 1st district, what I see is an alarming instance of censorship.

On Monday congressman Chabot was speaking at a town hall meeting in Cincinnati where police confiscated at least one camera and one cell phone from constituents in attendance. The reason for the frighteningly un-American incident was “security of the constituents”. Despite the congressman’s hyper-sensitivity to the security of his constituents at least two news cameras continued to roll and even filmed the officer confronting the two security risks in question.

Say whatever you like about cameras not being allowed at concerts, movie theaters, etc. but this is an elected public servant and as long as no one is pointing cameras in the windows of his home his actions are as fair game to be recorded as anyone else, actually, more so.

It’s clear the congressman wanted to control the media at this event. More alarming than a politician wanting to control the media, in this particular event congressman Chabot apparently thought he could control the media. In one of the two videos of the incident TV cameras are seen facing 180 degrees from the stage on which the congressman was speaking in order to capture the iron fist of justice dropping on unwitting could-be terrorists. Clearly the security of the constituents was not a priority for the “media”.

I’ve got to say that my blood pressure rose a couple of points when the Obama administration declared war on and ultimately blackballed FOX News. It rose a couple more points when I heard about Republican lawmakers being literally locked out of “secret” sessions over Obamacare. But in all honesty, this type of activity is a heartbeat away from being the modern Democrat’s S.O.P. When I see this kind of tyrannical behavior coming from a so-called Republican I’m enraged.

I can’t recall ever hearing of congressman Chabot before this incident so I can’t comment on his performance up to now. However, as an American I can say I don’t care if congressman Chabot reduced taxes in his state by 15% while increasing state government efficiency by 100%, increased the average student GPA by a letter and a half, abolished billions in job killing regulation and drove a freight train full of illegals back to Mexico; this man needs to be unemployed before his Gestapo-style tactics further damage the image of conservative Americans. It’s “small” infringements like this that have gradually eroded the words and intentions of the founding fathers to the current state in which nearly every single word and punctuation mark is considered open to interpretation.  

 It should be clear to all in congress by now that at least a couple of us have read our founding documents, understand our rights and are completely out of time for elitist, condescending, borderline tyrannical politicians. Do the right thing district 1 Ohio, dump your baggage.

Laura Ingraham Leaves Charles Rangel Stuttering

"Uh, duh, ur pretty"

I just saw the best O’Reilly segment I’ve seen in quite some time. Laura Ingraham was host for Bill and interviewed NY Congressman Charles Rangel. Apparently Obama’s comment on his campaign bus tour the other day that it’s “too early to be campaigning” was the starting gun for the Democratic campaign machine. Therefore, Charlie is once again throwing himself on the scene.

Rangel was on the show to take issue with FL Congressman Allan West’s claims of “this 21st century plantation that has been out there, where the Democrat party has forever taken the black vote for granted.” As well as West’s claims that certain black leaders “…who are nothing more than the overseers of that plantation”.

Rangel started off by attempting to “school” Congressman West when he said, “I know he’s new, he’s a freshman…” After that Rangel implied that West was simply attempting to get TV time for a boost in the upcoming elections.

Then Congressman Rangel made this interesting statement regarding Allan West, “He doesn’t come from a political party that can ridicule plantations and that type of thing”. Laura was quick to take issue with the statement and Rangel was immediately on the squirm.

Rangel spent the next five minutes taking issue with Ingraham’s asking the same questions several different ways due to his refusal to answer. The question was simple; have the policies of the Democrats and the war on poverty in particular been beneficial to black Americans. Rangel sighed and winced in audible pain each time Ingraham rephrased the question giving factual context each time. Rangel finally shouted “HECK NO!” when Ingraham had condensed the question to, “Has the Obama administration helped black Americans?” In perfect lockstep with Obama doctrine, Rangel blamed the previous administration for what Democrats clearly consider to have been an unmanageable situation. Too bad they didn’t realize that earlier and pull their guy from the race.

At one point we got to see the second case in a week of a liberal gaff that would have likely ended any conservative political career when Rangel accused O’Reilly of using Ingraham as a “secret weapon” in that Ingraham was a “pretty girl”. Ingraham brushed it off as no liberal pundit could have and I’m quite sure she’ll not be suing anyone over the ULTRA-SEXIST comment.

From there it went on and on predictably with Ingraham getting no straight answers without ass-loads of blame-gaming excuses. Rangel cited “two unpaid for wars” and a “massive deficit” as reasons for Obama, with a filibuster proof Senate and control of the House for two years got nothing done to benefit black Americans. And in one final bit of hilarity Rangel rationalized conservative wins in the 2010 midterms by saying, “there was an assumption that Republicans would put the country above their politics”. So apparently Rangel is ok with the implication that the country had given up on Democrats in that respect.  

It’s clear that Charlie went on O’Reilly to correct a “freshman” black congressman’s honest assessment AND to get that all important face time. I so love that Laura squashed his intended purpose of campaigning with some simple, direct and largely unanswerable questions.

Can Someone Please Tell Obama To Stop “Creating Jobs”?

"I've got your damn jobs but I need a break from all my hard work first!"

The latest from the president on the job front came on Tuesday as to the shock of the nation, Obama claimed to have a job plan that he would be unveiling in September. However, before he bothers with us little folk and our annoying little hunger and poverty issues, he’s off to Martha’s Vineyard for another well-earned vacation.

I’ve heard and read a lot of complaints over Obama’s decision to wait to roll out his master jobs plan however; I’m not among the disappointed. I get that the nation is hurting and needs help now but as I’m quite sure the president’s plan will do little to affect job creation, I can wait. The fact is, I would be much happier as I’m sure Obama would, if he were to wait until NEXT September to roll out his jobs plan. He’d be happier because everyone knows he’s gonna need all the help he can get to look competent and constructive going into the election, I’d be happier because I pay attention and therefore know what to expect of this big secret plan.

Obama’s approach to government is one that considers government to be an essential force in every aspect of the lives of the governed. Obama has no time or concern for the free market principles that have push the United States into a position of leading the free world. That’s exactly why we’ve heard over and over his countless unfulfilled promises to create jobs that have resulted in nothing more than increased national debt.

The president on one hand talks a good game on creating jobs while the paralyzing regulatory atmosphere his policies have created has all but ensured continued economic stagnancy. Herein lies the problem. It’s not the responsibility of the federal government to employ the American people. It is however the responsibility of a competent leader to ensure his actions are not counter-productive to an economy starving for some relief.

Obama’s focus should be on creating a business friendly atmosphere in America. Rather than the same old calls to tax the rich, spend trillions more in stimulus and a pseudo nationalist concept of creating short term construction jobs, the president should take a look at his administration’s 30 year record federal regulation in FY2010 and the obvious dismal effects.

Please get out of the “job creation” business Obama. You have no prior experience doing so, job creation IS NOT the responsibility of federal government and it should be clear to you by now that your approach is only making things worse.

Obama could send IRS thugs to the home of each and every millionaire in American to take all they have and he’d still not foster an environment where increased private profits are reinvested in growth. American business is holding on to all it currently has because we know this administration’s intent is to find a way to take it.

Obama On Jobs: “We Know What To Do…”

"I know the Republicans want to drive but trust me, I've got it."

In a move that really should surprise no one, Obama announced yesterday in Iowa that he knows how to create jobs in America despite the fact that he’s done nothing but fail in that arena up to now. Unfortunately in typical Obama fashion, the president told Iowa and the nation we’d all have to wait until September to see his latest plan to create these jobs.

You know, this is so incredibly painful to watch as to almost turn me off to politics completely. The president, along with so many confused Americans clearly thinks that it is government’s job to actually create jobs. The fact that our current president is so confused as to the role of government in the lives of Americans will guarantee that the president’s “job plan” will be more of the same failed policies that have helped to lead us to our current economic state.

We can expect the president to ask for increased taxes on the rich, more “stimulus” money (let’s just hope all those “shovel ready jobs” are in fact shovel ready this time around) and a focus on short-term construction projects that he hopes this time will give enough of a boost to short-term unemployment rates as to carry him through the ’12 elections on a better footing than he currently has. Though I expect the president to intentionally lighten up a minimal amount of federal regulation just so he can say he’s done so, Obama’s 30 year record of increased regulation considered by most to be the main factor impeding job creation will be largely ignored.

Obama has become “exhibit 1” when it comes to tenacity in the face of incessant and utter failure. With 3 of the past four biggest economic downturns in American history rebounding into 3 of the greatest periods of growth in America following massive tax cuts, one might think Obama would be willing to ask the question; “What did Coolidge do in the ‘20s?”, “What did Kennedy do in the ‘60s?”, or “What did Reagan do in the ‘80s?”. As to the fourth and worst of the past four economic downturns in America, The Great Depression, many financial experts chose to ignore the fact that the US recovery came about 10 years after the rest of the world however, many other financial experts and I find it hard to ignore the unique effects of a unique course of action.

Obama simply does not understand that the federal government was intended to function in the background to ensure our Constitutional rights are protected. Government was never intended to be a prominent influence in the everyday life of American citizens. That’s what makes our system different. It’s clear Obama’s brand of “change” is really just changing back.

China Storms Pakistan: Where Are The US Dollars?

It was reported over the weekend that our friends and allies in the war on terror in Pakistan did exactly what I knew and predicted they would.  Pakistan has reportedly allowed the Chinese a peek at the tail section of the “stealth” Blackhawk they recovered after the Seal Team 6 raid which killed Osama Bin Laden during which the craft crashed. Not only did the Chinese muscle their way in for a closer look, but it’s also being reported that the Chinese stole pieces of the classified stealth skin of the newly engineered chopper from our Pakistani friends.

It’s clear to me that the Pakistani “pretend to need $1 billion US dollars to help us kill the terrorists you’re actually hiding from us” aid package is in dire need of Obama’s money shovel.

Maybe if we could have taken action while there was still time and initiated a Pakistani “pretend to need $1 trillion US dollars to help us kill the terrorists you’re actually hiding from us” aid package the Pakis could have kept the Chinese at bay.

I’m sure the poor little Pakis put up one hell of a fight but just didn’t have enough US dollars to weather the storm. When will we learn to reach out and help our friends?


Here’s my advice for the next time something like this happens in Pakistan.

First, napalm a perimeter around the site; two miles from the site should suffice.  Next send in kill teams to dump everything moving inside the perimeter. Next, fortify the perimeter, get a carrier rolling up to the Paki coast and if “Pakistani authorities” so much as squeak, remind them that we already have subs in the Indian Ocean and that if they don’t stand down we’ll melt them where they sit. Then we take all the time we need to collect our things.

After that we grab our classified material and fly out. We can deduct the cost of the operation from next year’s billion in wasted aid.

August 13, 2011: A Day to Remember the Gipper

Thirty years ago tomorrow on August 13, 1981 Ronald Regan signed a set of massive tax cuts in an attempt to resuscitate Jimmy Carter’s failed economic mess. The Economic Recovery Tax Act (ERTA) of 1981 centered on a sweeping 25% reduction in personal marginal tax rates across the board. At the time political pundits were largely in agreement on two points. First, that ERTA would do nothing more than line the pockets of the rich as it was widely believed at the time that the tax rate on top American wage earners would go down while the rest of the nation footed the bill. The second misconception critics agreed on was that ERTA would bring about the total collapse of the nation’s economy. The predictions of doom and gloom were pretty safe claims due to America’s economy teetering precariously close to the edge of collapse at that time. Who could forget the days of the gas lines and the unemployment rate which under Carter peaked at over 10%? All signs were pointing to continued increasingly dark days ahead for the United States. It would have been a safe bet to assume that any radical action, regardless the intent would be enough to send the US over the economic edge. As to the claims that the ERTA was nothing more than a payoff to those nasty rich people, in this particular case for many it was more than just partisan rhetoric. Washington critics at the time with the help of the Congressional Budget Office had cooked up some dismal estimates on the economic effects of the ERTA and the word was out. Unfortunately, the Democrat controlled CBO used a static model of human behavior in their estimates which did not take into account things like increased consumer confidence and encouragement to the wealthy to generate increased taxable income resulting in decreased overall unemployment; All the effects that supporters of cutting taxes have cited as reasons to do so throughout history.

Regan ignored warnings from American “Big Money” and Wall Street tycoons that the cuts were good but excessive. He paid no attention to the masses that called for and predicted his ousting after a single term. Reagan signed the ERTA thirty years ago tomorrow and the effects were dramatic.

In contrast to the CBO and other critics’ claims at the time, the Economic Recovery Tax Act of ’81, additional tax cuts in ’86 and eight consecutive years of reduced federal regulation on American businesses were nothing if not stimulating to the economy.

Under Reagan the private sector created 15 to 20 million new jobs between 1981 and 1988 depending on whose stats you reference. This is a net increase that doesn’t account for the additional five million jobs that were lost through 1982 before the effects of Reagan’s policies could be felt. So technically, the eight year effects of reduced taxes and federal regulation under Reagan actually saw the creation of 20 to 25 million new jobs with some estimate as high as 35 million. The DOW tripled under Reagan moving from an ’82 low of 884 to a ’89 high of 2,509.  Unemployment dropped from an ’82 high of over 9% to 5.5% by 1989. Inflation which was around 11% when Reagan took office dropped to an ’86 low of 2% and had leveled off at about 5% by the time Reagan left office.

Reagan took what many at the time considered drastic steps so as to focus immediate attention to the economic crisis of his time. However, Reagan, being an economics major was well aware of the effects the same types of cuts had produced in the 1920s and in the 1960s. In Reagan’s mind the cuts were not a risk but a no-brainer. The most conservative estimates show federal tax revenue under Reagan increasing by 80% despite the massive tax cuts. Other estimates claim federal revenue as much as tripled under Reagan. Despite critics’ claims that Reagan was simply cutting taxes on the rich, taxes on the top 10% of US wage earners increased due to their generating and spending increased taxable income while taxes on everyone else in the country went down with the poorest Americans seeing a nearly 300% decrease in personal taxes. All this was the result of decreasing federal regulation and taxes across the board resulting in increased consumer confidence and a more business friendly atmosphere that stimulated the economy to the longest period of peacetime economic growth the nation has ever seen. Reagan accomplished this while still investing heavily in defense which resulted in the US spending the USSR into defeat in the Cold War which then made it possible for the defense cuts that led to the Clinton era surplus.

As we start what promises to be another beautiful summer weekend in the greatest nation on Earth, I would encourage the country to consider the “risky” but incredibly effective actions of past American leaders such as Coolidge in the 20s, Kennedy in the 60s and most importantly Ronald Reagan in the 80s. Consider the economic state of the nation and the partisan rhetoric and disinformation at the time and compare all of these facts with the current state of our nation.

It’s time for America to stop playing politics and start learning from the past. It’s time for an American leader more vested in the success of the nation than in securing lifelong friends with payoffs and political favors. The nation misses you President Reagan, and we deeply appreciate not only your service but the fact that you served the nation above yourself while in office. Oh, and I would thank you personally for being an adult and not spending all your time making excuses and blaming your predecessor. I’d likely have no time for politics at this point in my life had I grown up watching a man-child in the Whitehouse making excuses as opposed to a strong leader making beneficial differences.

Nun Killed By Drunk Driver: Obama’s Enemies Pay

Despite the trademark under the rug sweep we’ve come to expect from the media in regard to anything that might shed some light on who our current president really is, you may remember an instance not long ago when Obama raised a call to “punish our enemies”. The war cry went out during a radio interview in which the president attempted to fire up Latino voters prior to the 2010 midterms. During the interview which aired on Univision, Obama implied that there would be no immigration reform if Latino voters didn’t, “punish our enemies and reward our friends…” in the upcoming midterms.

Well, it seems we now have confirmation of an “enemy” paying dearly for this administration’s negligent immigration policy and I’m curious as to how Latino Americans feel about it.

Prince William County, Virginia authorities have filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security over DHS’s failure to comply with two requests for documents under the Freedom of Information Act. County authorities filed the requests after suspicion was raised over how DHS was handling the over 4,000 illegal immigrants the county had turned over to the department for deportation. The suspicions were raised when in 2010 an illegal immigrant named Carlos Martinelly Montano was arrested and charged with killing a Benedictine Nun while Montano was driving drunk. Once Montano was in custody, a search of police records revealed that Montano had a previous drunk driving charge. At the time of Montano’s first drunk driving incident, he was also identified as an illegal immigrant and subsequently turned over to DHS for deportation. In looking closer at Montano’s records it was discovered that after he was handed over to be deported, DHS gave him an employment authorization card and released him making it possible for him to kill an American citizen.

Despite the federal government’s hands being covered in this woman’s blood, you can bet there is not a single soul in Washington who will lose a wink of sleep over this tragedy. Big Sis will suddenly go “public school teacher” on the nation with the lack of accountability she’s willing to take for the job she’s done. Obama will jump up and tout his “record” number of deportations despite his recent announcement that only illegals with prior criminal records will be deported going forward. A policy change that will effectively cut the number of deportations we can expect in half.

So getting back to my question; I wonder how Latino Americans feel about this woman’s death. How do you all feel about all the legal Americans who are victimized by illegals every day? Are they all accepted losses in the war against America’s sovereignty? And while I have your attention Latino immigrants, how do you justify the utter lack of respect for America’s immigration policy in your community after so many of you have used the proper means by which to become American?

Everything the left says about “immigration reform” has to do with rewarding criminals in hopes of buying their votes. Who is willing to take responsibility for a Nun killed by an illegal immigrant after the federal government turned a blind eye to the laws they are entrusted to uphold? And with Prince William County, VA claiming that many of the 4,000 illegals they’ve turned over to DHS for deportation were also criminals, how long until another “enemy” is forced to pay?      

Jihadists Identified In Washington

You increase taxes, we all meet Allah today!

Don’t be alarmed with my use of the formerly politically incorrect term “Jihadists”. The media has in fact revised their opinion of several words they once considered taboo.

That’s right. The leftist media has responded to widespread disappointment with Obama’s inability to once again steamroll his agenda right over top of public sentiment and our political processes by revising their opinions of terminology formerly considered inappropriate.

Words such as terrorist, jihad and Wahhabi (huh?), the use of which at one time was justification to label an individual racist or bigot, were freely tossed around in the press today with clearly no concern for offending anyone.

The nation’s news hounds crawled over top of each other to use their newly acceptable terminology to attack the Tea Party for having the audacity to participate and have a voice in their government.  

Bloomberg’s’ Margaret Carlson stated that the Tea Party had strapped explosives to the capitol and that they wanted the debt crisis that everyone ignored despite everyone knowing it was coming. Peter Goodman, Huffington Post Business Editor said, “They’re acting like terrorists”. Some nutcase at MSNBC whose name is not worth mentioning gave a colorful narrative of the Tea Party standing in Time Square wearing an explosive belt and threatening the nation. Tom Friedman of the New York Times compared fiscal conservatives to Hezbollah. New Your Times Columnist Paul Krugman said the Tea Party “wants to blow up the economy”. My buddy Chris Mathews sent a tingle through my leg, up my spine and right into the idiocy receptors in my brain when he said, “The GOP has become the Wahhabis of American government”. CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria said the Tea Party “wants to blow up the country”. Tina Brown, Editor in Chief at Newsweek called the Tea Party “suicide bombers”. William Yeomans, an American University Law Professor writing for Politico said the Tea Party had made the transition from “hostage takers to full-blown terrorists”. And to top off all the terrorist rhetoric, last night Congressman Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania compared the Tea Party to terrorists AND no less than our vice president Joe Biden agreed with the assessment.

It’s an astounding list of accusations from a group usually repulsed by such hateful claims…at least when the claims are accurate as opposed to purely rhetorical. So I suppose we should give everyone a pass due to the fact that it’s all just political rhetoric. But aren’t these kinds of dangerous and inflammatory statements the very type of boisterous rhetoric of which the president recently asked to nation to “tone down”? Didn’t the president’s plea to tone down the rhetoric come as a result of the attack that made the debt ceiling vote the first one attended by Congresswoman Gabby Gifford in several months?

At least the political left is consistent in being inconsistent. And as for anyone considering taking an active part in our Democracy; Know this, if your views are not spoon fed to you by the new Media branch of the federal government, you’re a big fat terrorist. I’m betting you also have cooties.