Boehner Hits One Out of the Park

Despite the fact that the debt ceiling crisis is still looming over the nation, I for one am breathing a sigh of relief after Speaker Boehner’s response to Obama’s remarkably civil address tonight.

Right out of the gate I was cheering the speaker’s address as if I were watching the Vikings beat the Giants in some far off NFC Championship. When he opened with, “I serve as Speaker of the whole House – of the members of both parties…” it was clear the speaker was taking charge with or without the president’s cooperation.

The speaker went on to explain some of the issues he and others in Congress have over the president’s demanding increased tax revenue in “the largest debt ceiling increase in American history, on the heels of the largest spending binge in American history.” Speaker Boehner reminded America of what they got from that historic spending spree, mentioning specifically, “a massive health care bill that most Americans never asked for” and “a national debt that has gotten so out of hand it has sparked a crisis without precedent in my lifetime or yours.” In stark contrast to Obama’s fear mongering and assuming we the people are incapable of wrapping our tiny minds around “complicated” concepts, the speaker was straight forward, down to Earth and a breath of fresh air that I at least found comforting.      

Speaker Boehner did an outstanding job of respectfully articulating the difficulties he and other lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle have had in trying to negotiate a deal the president finds acceptable. The Speaker spoke directly to the nation and never once attempted to frighten the public that they were at risk of losing their SSI or veteran’s benefits; a tactic the president should drop as it’s an absolute lie and all but the most ignorant of Obama’s supporters know it.

Speaker Boehner’s address to America gave me the feeling that there were in fact some adults left in Washington and that they intended to address their responsibilities. Fortunately I don’t think even Obama is stupid enough to allow the nation to default with his political future at such a critical state.