Obama The Chameleon Breaks Out His Guns And Bibles

"We are gathered here today to prove I'm one of you."

In yet another predictable move on his road to reach out to the once bitten hands that fed him, Obama has apparently had a change of heart toward the midwest. It was only three years ago that then candidate Obama labeled rural Pennsylvania residents along with those in the midwest as “bitter” claiming that they “cling to guns and religion”. Now it seems he’s concerned enough about his run in 2012 that he’s changed his attitude entirely toward us simpletons. Apparently according to the president’s most recent comments, we’re no longer pissed off trigger happy Jesus freaks. On the contrary, Obama now claims, “Strong rural communities are key to a stronger America,”

In a poorly crafted PR move Obama will be establishing what he’s referring to as the White House Rural Council. Obama has appointed former Iowa governor and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to head the council. The White House reports the newly formed council will coordinate government programs in rural areas such as job training, promoting biofuels and food exports, increasing broadband access, blah, blah, blah.

Obama has apparently mistaken us in the midwest (with the exception of Nebraska and his old friends in Chicago) for those on the coasts whose votes are apparently easily purchased. The formation of this council is simply more of Obama’s trademark political pandering.

It’s remarkable that among the White House Rural Council’s many functions, gun cleaning and bible study hosting were not mentioned.

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