How Many Morons Does It Take To Chop Down A Tree?

Well, simply have a look at this soon to be internet classic and you may begin to get an idea.

These “gentlemen” clearly have nothing to do with their lives and apparently didn’t even have a use for the bike that cost the tree its life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some “trees are people too” moron but this was simply stupid. It may have been different had one of these down and out citizens been in need of the bike in order to make it to work the next day. However, when all is said and done they kill the tree, one guy dumps the bike after a quick joy ride and then they just leave their mess; dead tree, bike and all.

All of these intellectual dynamos should be operating a spoon in a military training base chow line as anything more demanding is clearly out of their range of abilities. Maybe their experiences there might lead to them having something better to do with their time as well the environmental benefits the earth will enjoy by putting an end to this senseless urban tree culling.

Watch closely and you’ll see that the guy who takes the bike for a ride is the one guy apparently trying to stop the guy chopping the tree.

Stupid criminal is as stupid criminal does…stupid and criminal.

UPDATE: Developments on “Summer Long Weiner Roast”

America is invited to diversionary roast.

Well that was quick.
As I forecast only a couple of days ago here: , congressional Democrats are now lining up to get their name on the sacrifice Weiner petition. Of course there have been several additional and more reprehensible developments over the past couple of days but it’s interesting that lying to the nation didn’t matter. Embarrassing the party does. Some things are too easy to call.

Fear not weiner lovers, as I stated in my initial report this weiner ride promises to be with us for at least the remainder of the summer. I just heard a Democratic pundit claim that once congressional Democrats realize that “Weiner gate” is taking attention away from addressing economic issues they will suddenly wake up and demand he step down so that they can get back to work.
In a word Mr. Pundit, WRONG.

There will undoubtedly be some sincere Democrats who are truly interested in getting back to serving their constituents. However, just as Weiner will continue to use his seat to avoid confronting his issues, many like Pelosi will seek to use Weiner gate as a diversion away from their failure.

Gingrich Top Aides Call It Quits


This Doesn't Sound Good

Fox news is reporting that several of Newt Gingrich’s senior campaign aides have quit.

In what’s being reported as major differences of opinion over the course of former Speaker of the House Gingrich’s presidential campaign, campaign manager Rob Johnson, press spokesman Rick Tyler and several other senior strategists and aides from early primary states have walked out on their posts. As this is breaking news little more is known at this point.  

One thing is for sure, this doesn’t bode well for Gingrich’s presidential run. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Newt’s campaign is officially over.

It’s unfortunate in that I have always felt that Gingrich has the potential to be a great American president. He simply needs to commit and then interact with the American people. I haven’t seen him attempt to truly engage the American people on the level I know he’s capable of. Honestly, this whole “fashionably indecisive” routine we’re getting from the so-called Republican frontrunners is only creating more uncertainty within a public already plagued with uncertainty.